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13 Weeks of Fast Days and Slow Days

The hypothesis: a slow carb diet with intermittent fasting, along with continuing to work for greater integration of exercise into my daily life, will help me lose weight and improve my still too high blood sugar. This is the third experiment of 13 weeks duration, in an ongoing series. Follow my daily updates at Facebook and join me on Fitocracy to follow my progress there, of which there will be some, honest.

So, here we are, already a week in to the third 13 week experiment, and I'm about two weeks behind on things I was going to do. I haven't been able to put together my participation in the Victoza experiment yet, and I haven't gotten back to the volunteers -- one of them called herself a "lab hamster" -- as I promised. And my only excuse is that real life can be a pain in the ass sometimes. See also the Buddhism stuff: duhkha. That's the word that's usually mistranslated as "suffering", but which is better and more accurately translated as "disappointing" or "unsatisying". Duhkha is the disappointment of realizing that things do what they damn well please and you can't necessarily control everything to work out right.

So now that I have you utterly confused whether this is a 13 Weeks piece or an Undecorated Buddha piece, let's go ahead and talk about the experiment. It was a little difficult getting started -- I sort of eased into the new diet over the span of a few days -- but I was pretty well set by Wednesday. More on the actual diet in a bit, but here's the first week's results.

  • I've lost 5 pounts, from 275 -- I was actually up to 281 or so during my vacation -- to 270.
  • On the other hand, my glucose has been high, ranging from 120 to 140 morning fasting glucose.
  • But on the next hand, er, tentacle, my glucose has been much more stable, staying within a few points throughout the day. After my experiments with hypoglycemia last time, this seems kind of nice.
  • the notion was to try to get up to 2000 fitocracy points a week. This week's total was, er, zero.

As won't be a surprize to most of you, getting the exercise started was even harder, and you know, I think I need to think more about why. And heee's one of those places where I'm going to dump some emotional and historical, if not hysterical, stuff. To start with, I've never liked much in the way of athetics, with the exception of martial arts; when other little boys dreamed of football glory, I wanted to be Sanshiro Sugata or Miyamoto Musashi. The sports or athetic endeavors I've enjoyed have always been stylized ways of killing people: karate, Japanese sword, Western fencing, shooting sports, later taiqi and Chinese wushu. (Which is to say "kung fu". Gong fu (功夫) actually means "great accomplishment", wu shu (武术) means "war technique". This is your pretentious Chinese lesson for the week.) Other than that, I actually like lifting weights. In the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise had "great gong fu".

51TKE983BzL._AA160_ 龟兔赛跑 -- The Hare and the Tortoise

So it'd seem the answer is to do martial arts and lift weights.