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7 Types of Dudes Who Annoy Everyone Just By Their Very Existence

Know when people say, "Just be yourself"? Well, don't.

John Hawkins


January 30, 2013 - 7:00 am
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Do you ever look at another human being and just want to say, “Stop it!” — except, before the words leave your mouth, you realize that what you really want the person to do is to stop being himself? Asking a complete ass to stop annoying you is like asking a bird not to chirp or a fish not to swim. No matter how much you try to wish it away, it’s just what he’s chosen to be.

Male feminist

1) The Male Feminist

Maybe no one has informed you of this, but you are a dude. A man is not supposed to be a neutered, pansy-ass, emasculated weenie who trashes his own sex and spouts off lines Gloria Steinem didn’t even really believe when she first said them. Are guys like this trying to impress chicks? Were they brainwashed in a women’s studies class in college? Are they just uncomfortable with the fact that they have a penis? Whatever the case may be, these losers are so irritating that you get the feeling that even most liberal feminists have to choke back the intrinsic revulsion that they feel for these Nancy Boys.

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You might want to read #3's description again and then take a long look in the mirror.
2 years ago
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Is there a subtype of #3 that texts all day long, overuses LOL, and gets off on kicking people when they're down?
2 years ago
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