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13 Weeks: Starting Gate

So, today, November 4th, is the first day of my 13 Weeks project.

I dunno, I've been on the diet all day, and did 6 super-slow squats, and nothing has happened yet.

Of course I'm being silly: actually, lots has happened since last week.  I've had my doctor visit and I'm approved to do the whole thing.  I've had some "before" pictures taken, and yes, I am wearing gym shorts, so calm down. So far today, I've eaten: 6 eggs, 3 hard boiled and 3 scrambled; 16 oz of Black Forest ham (not a great choice as it's got some sugar in the cure, but it turns out to have been my sole source of carbs for the day); about 2 oz of sausage and 4 strips of bacon; and some cheddar cheese. That's around 1600 kcal and 24 g. of carbs from the ham. I may eat some cottage cheese before bed -- I can have a cup (200 kcal) and not violate my 30 g carbs target. But then I may not -- I'm not actually feeling very hungry.

And I've noticed some things already. I started using Lose It! to track eating -- it's easy to use from any of my iPod Touch, my Kindle Fire, or from a browser -- and I noticed on several days I was rather below the 2177 kcal Lose It! predicted I needed for a 1-2 lbs per week weight loss. (Note: "kcal" is the same as a Calorie in the US; I just think using "Calorie" for 1000 "calories" is silly and confusing. When you see "kcal" think of the calories you normally use with food.) This didn't surprise me, but then I flashed back on a time when I was about 12 or so, and once again on a diet, put there by my pediatrician. It was an "exchange" diet -- you can have one bread, two proteins, one salad, and so on -- and I'd been very diligent. I was eating 1200 kcal per day or less, and I wasn't losing weight. I was, however, depressed, cranky, and irritable. And depressed. I was in the doctor's office, and he was berating me for cheating on the diet; I was in tears because I wasn't, and no one would believe me....

So, next week I will have more on my high intensity training plan. For now, you can follow me at the 13 Weeks Facebook page. If you're a Facebooker, come "Like" my page -- the more people who watch me, the harder it'll be to give up early.

Here's the before pictures.