Is It Time We Stopped Saying 'Feminist' and Started Saying 'Eugenicist'?

From my friend Bethany Mandel at Commentary"Dems See Women as Objects, Not Voters":

At the Democratic Convention this week in Charlotte, we’ve learned what mainstream feminism has become. What was once a movement to fight for equality for women in every sector of society has somehow turned into a parody of itself. Since the feminist movement began in the mid-1800s, feminists strove to move past the era where women were seen merely as sexual and reproductive objects. These feminists fought for women to have roles outside of their marriages and their homes, to have equal opportunities in education, the workplace and the political arena.

Cut to Charlotte in early September 2012 and these “feminists” are representing themselves solely as human beings with female reproductive organs. At the DNC this week, women are promoting the Democratic agenda by walking around the convention wearing pins that read “I’m a slut and I vote” in addition to dressing up in costume as birth control dispensers and vaginas. These female reproductive organs, devoid of any other identifying characteristics, are duty-bound to vote for Democrats in order to protect themselves from government (while simultaneously demanding governmental involvement in their reproductive choices).

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I thought to just instant message Bethany to tell her about this book that I started reading the other day, but then it seemed to make sense to just throw it out as a blog post instead because I'm sure there are commenters much more versed in this subject than I am who can provide their own recommendations:

I used to think it strange that my leftist friends who were the most outspoken about abortion "rights" and their own promiscuous sex lives were also loud about worrying about overpopulation and the proliferation of unwanted poor babies cursed to miserable lives. But when we understand Margaret Sanger's ideology as institutionalized within the platform of the Democratic Party then suddenly it comes into focus how the two subjects of hedonism and eugenics would be related in today's progressives. "Feminism" and "women's rights" and "coat-hangers" were just the cups of the shell game distracting guilty, do-gooder "liberals" from Sanger's eugenic utopianism. Here's an excerpt from page 14 that seems relevant today:

Hmm... "Thus the working classes are pressured to copy the particular reproductive choices of society's elite."...