10 Guaranteed Methods To Lose a Man, as Seen on The Bachelor

It seems that almost everything on television these days is reality entertainment. While most of it is completely unwatchable (Jersey Shore and Housewives from Anywhere), there are a few that some of us can't stop watching (even though we wish we could.) For me, it's The Bachelor. I've been watching this insipid show from the very first season and the inevitable spin-offs like The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. I can't help myself and the only explanation that seems to make sense is the escapism of watching 25 women and one jackass make fools of themselves every Monday night.

Maybe it makes me feel better about me or perhaps it's the only way I stay connected to pop culture considering the rest of my life is filled with homeschooling, gardening, moon-shining, writing, and other 18th century pastimes. Mostly though, I have a desire to reach through the screen and grab these women by the forearms and shake them. It's no wonder they're all single. Almost every one of them make the most common and most avoidable mistakes while trying to land a man. Yes, I've made them, you've made them...who hasn't? But the question is, why do women continue to make the same blunders that only provoke men to run away screaming? Sisters, learn from others' experience! The following are 10 solid ways to lose a man.

10. Drink too much

Alcohol is not your friend in a first-impression situation. On The Bachelor, the production staff liquors up a room full of women to see the fun that will ensue. Alcohol is the most important set requirement on The Bachelor. Many contestants have reported that the first cocktail party is longer than 5 hours with no food and nothing to drink but booze. This combination leads to the explosive moments we love to hate including the over-emotional break-downs and cat fights. Without the influence of the demon rum, it would be a much more boring affair. If at all avoidable, do not drink on a first date! First of all, you may not know enough about your date to know if you can trust him in a situation when you are intoxicated. Also, drunk girls are annoying. They do things like repeat themselves and tuck their dress into their underwear on a trip to the bathroom. While memorable, this is not the impression you want to leave with your date (or on YouTube).

More important than impressing your date, however, is staying alive and unmolested. Know your limits with alcohol, don't go out on an empty stomach, and drink plenty of water. Not only will you be more fun to be around sober, you'll also be at less risk of getting into a dangerous situation that could have been avoided. That last sentence is going to get me into trouble with faux feminists who believe even drunk girls should be safe from rape. If only we lived in such a world -- but we don't and your chances of getting home safely decrease with each drink you take. Predators target drunk girls. Period. Don't be a victim. (See the unfortunate fate of Natalee Holloway.)