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A Solution to One of Life's Most Vexing Problems

There you are, watching The Game... or A Game.  It's cold, as it is when watching The Game, but your throat is dry and scratchy from yelling.  A man heads your way selling beer.  Do you: A) Hold the beer with your mittened hands, and hope you don't drop it; or B) Take off your mittens and freeze your fingers?  Well now you have a third choice.


The Skuuzi is a warm (looking) mitten with a built in beer-bottle (or cup) holder.  We live in awesome times, don't we.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Oh hang on... I don't go to football games (you can see better on TV), I don't live in Green Bay, and I don't drink beer. Oh well, it's still an terrific invention.

The Skuuzi company's website touts this as a Scandinavian koozi (beer can keeper-cooler thingie). But Skuuzi apparently, or at least on their US Trademark office application is run out of a townhouse in Greenwich Village. It worked for Haagen Dazs.