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Totally Megan McKane: My Review of Known and Unknown

Editor's Note: This post by Totally Megan McKane was originally published on Tuesday, March 22nd at RedState.Com. After legal pressure, Red State removed this and another Totally Megan McKane post.  On Monday PJLifestyle published Totally Megan McKane's response and her lawyer's reply. Tomorrow we'll republish the second Totally Megan McKane commentary, which originally provoked the legal intimidation.

I know that you all have been, as my loyal fans and readers are, desperately eager to hear my thoughts and book review, on Donald Rumsfeld’s seemingly book of the month, as he is everywhere and on television promoting it, which has been titled, appropriately or inappropriately, Known and Unknown, probably because the intended, message to be conveyed is that he knows a lot of things. But one thing, that Mr. Rumsfeld does not know how to do, the writing of a book which is to the all important, young people’s vote, a book that they would like.

Allow me if you would, to explain a few things to Mr. Rumsfeld, about what you should do if you want to writing a critically acclaimed book that will reach the lofty stratosphere occupied by books that have reached all the way to #1732 on amazon.com, like a certain book written by a certain Presidential candidate’s daughter who totally singlehandedly delivered the youth vote to John McCain in 2008 (free hint – I’m talking about my book!!!).

In the first point, Known and Unknown is, to belaboring a point, very long. It is much, much longer than the youth of today will be willing to take in their hands and read. It is almost as long as this review of my book (have I mentioned that I wrote a book? I say this so, that you will know that I am an authority on this subject and, not so that you will think I am bragging because bragging is not what I am about. Like my education at Colombia, I hardly ever mention that I went to, a prestigious college, like Colombia, because I am sure that the fact that I am the product o f a very expensive education shines through in my writing so, there is no, need to constantly point it out). I have no idea whether that review was a good one or bad one. Why? Because I am young and like other, people who are young (and who party and drink and dare to use the word “sex” in a book title) I have better things to do with, my time than.. where was I going with that again? That is not the important thing which is important. The important thing is this, that Known and Unknown is very long.