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The Top 10 Comic Book Movies Hollywood Still Needs to Make (#4): The Invisibles

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4. The Invisibles

In a sense The Invisibles was already made into the film. It's well-known that the series was a core influence on The Matrix and that the Wachowski brothers plagiarized a lot of the themes and ideas. But that doesn't matter. An adaptation of The Invisibles can and should still be made.

The premise of The Invisibles is that a team of counterculture superheroes is at war defending freedom from a conspiracy of alien beings secretly enslaving the planet. Really the fun of the series, though, is in the strange plot twists, memorable characters, and alt-culture ideas the eccentric creator Grant Morrison infused into the story. The Invisibles is basically a Gen-X, comic book variant of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's The Illuminatus! Trilogy (another property worth talking about in cinematic terms at some point.) Here's a video of Wilson laying out the quantum perspective that informs Morrison's approach to the superhero story: