Looks Like We Need to Revive Lemonade Freedom Day

Lemonade stand

Lemonade Freedom Day became a blog and then an event in the summer of 2011 after a spate of shutdowns of the iconic American childhood activity. After that, police moved on to harassing parents who dare let their children walk to a park, stay in the car, or play in their own yard. Those were the stories that took over the news—justifiably, as those are ridiculous stories. But the lemonade problem seemed to have abated.


Earlier this week, however, police officers in Texas closed down two little girls’ lemonade stand. They were selling lemonade and kettle corn so they could raise $100 to take their father to a water park on Father’s Day.

I think we need another Lemonade Freedom Day. If the creators of the site will name the day, Team Loftis will participate. This year we could even add live music.



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