Who Wants To Lose Their Virginity at the Ballot Box?

Since the Republican War on Women meme gained full strength for the election season, we have seen Julia the faceless cartoon dependent upon government. Then came “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It” in the Obama campaign’s Tumblr feed. Earlier this week came a 
CNN article, “Do Women Vote With Their Periods?” Apparently we are slaves to our monthly visitor, so much so that if enough of us are not in our feeling sexy, ovulating phase, then Obama might have trouble with the women’s vote.

Both the Lady Parts and Periods items were pulled within hours of posting, and Julia had launched quite a backlash meme, so one might think that the Obama campaign would be cautious about patronizing women again.

Alas, no. The Obama campaign has plenty more patronizing to do, this time in a plucky commercial. Thursday afternoon the Obama campaign released this spot, “Your First Time.”

In case you are not familiar with the young woman telling voting virgins to have their first time be with Barack Obama, that is Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO’s Girls. It is Sex in the City for millennials — all the sex and the single girl drama but without the cushy jobs to support the Manolo Blahnik fetishes.

In the first episode, Dunham, who basically plays herself in the show, tells her parents that she is the voice of her generation. At the time, her unemployed character is high and trying to convince her parents to continue paying her rent so she can write the book that will be the “voice of her generation.” Real-life Dunham didn’t write the book. She first pitched and got an HBO show. Earlier this month, however, she was reportedly offered a 3.5 million dollar advance from Random House to write the book, a collection of essays, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned.


So to sum up: the fully employed and highly paid woman who claims to be the voice of her unemployed yet thoroughly screwed (in all senses of the term) generation is recommending four more years of Barack Obama. It worked for Dunham. The bleak outlook of her generation provided angst for her creative musings which has made her millions.

Self-serving bad advice aside, the worst aspect of “Your First Time” is its tone. Dunham speaks to first-time female voters as if they were mere cliche — one-dimensional, slightly spacey, and crushing on the man who will protect them. With this view of women, it is no wonder that the Left thinks that we must provide for women. We poor dears are such slaves to our biology and sexual urges that we can think of little else. What would they do if we did think for ourselves? If we dared to have an opinion on, for instance, the economy, would they tell us that we can’t possibly understand the intricate works of public life? I gather that we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about such things and should just get back to making sure we have birth control so we can be available for sex without having to worry about pesky relationships or children.


We have our place, ladies. Apparently, it is under men.

Updated: The Inevitable Lena Dunham Parody Ad


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