Hi Guys. Just a quick note to say that I am deep, deep into my instrument written test. My instructor got a 100 on it, making me feel like a loser for my 98 on my Single Engine Land rating. Can’t have that. No, I am going to score one hundred and eleven!


It’s been an interesting summer for me. Many times I’ve felt the urge to write something, and many times I have -‘ to put a Biblical spin on it -‘ stayed my hand. It took me a long time to figure out why:

I was furious. And I get into trouble when I write when I am angry.

And so I have sidelined myself, doing something that sets the human apart from the moonbat: I’ve been questioning things I believe in. Questioning my position on everything: the War, John Kerry, the ethics of Hollywood -‘ the whole shooting match.

I have spent months now asking myself, as honestly and deeply as I can: what if we’re wrong? What if we’ve made a mistake? What if the other side is right, and we are misguided?

And, most importantly: What does the evidence say?

Well, there’s a mixed bag of evidence, as usual. And, as usual, it needs to be weighed and sifted and tested and this takes time and especially reflection.

I would like everyone to know that my recent absence does not mean I’ve been considering hanging this up. Far from it. I have been testing, and re-testing, what I believe to be true as far as I can make it out. And the results of this, in rapid succession, will be two essays that no longer feel like rants but have, in my own mind, finally matured and refined themselves into something presentable to polite and informed company.


So just a few more days to ace this test, because this one puts me up in the clouds with the rest of you small side window people and I’d prefer not to screw that up if I can help it. Then out of the gates will come charging TRIBES and INITIATIVE in all their pent-up Zellicious goodness.

Oh, and this fellow will be sorely missed. I hope and believe it is just shore leave for the Captain. A little time off does wonders for the ol’ Thinkin’ Nugget. Believe me, Steven. We’ll see you soon. You’ll be back like Zorro when we need you the most.



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