Here's How Much the Average American Spends on Halloween

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What do you think is necessary to buy in order to have a successful Halloween? Some candy, for sure, and costumes — especially if you have kids. But what about decorations? Spider webs? Skulls and skeletons, black cats, witch’s hats, and cawing crows greeting unsuspecting guests as they ring your doorbell? If you feel that all of these extras are important to really dig into the feeling of the season, then you aren’t alone.


WCNC Charlotte reports that the average American spends about $87 on Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation. If you have been to a pharmacy or grocery store lately, you might have noticed that those jumbo bags of mixed candy can retail for as much as $18 per bag. So $87 might not seem so steep after all.

There are plenty of people, however, who are spending far beyond the average because they like to do a little more for the big day. According to WCNC, among Halloween celebrants, “70 percent plan to hand out candy, 50 percent will decorate their home or yard, 48 percent will wear costumes, 45 percent will carve a pumpkin, 32 percent will throw or attend a party, 30 percent will take their children trick-or-treating, 21 percent will visit a haunted house and 18 percent will dress pets in costumes.”

Where do you fall on this spectrum? Will your lights be out on October 31, or will your dog be greeting trick-or-treaters in his Superman costume while you come to the door in full-gore makeup? Are there gravestones in your front yard and zombies emerging from shallow graves?


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