Dozens of Contraband Items—Pencils, Pens, Tweezers—Discovered in Georgia Inmate's Vagina

Facebook - Oconee County Sheriff’s Office

A female inmate at Oconee County, Georgia, will probably be in some trouble after her recent transfer from the Emmanuel County State Penitentiary. Upon routine examination, quite a few contraband items were found inside the woman — specifically, in her birth canal.


Oconee County Sheriff’s Office posted a picture on its Facebook page on Thursday, detailing the items found. They included dozens of pencils, pens, and markers, as well as seven pairs of tweezers and bobby pins.

So far there have been over 2,500 comments on the photo, and the sheriff’s office replied to some. It turns out that tweezers and bobby pins can be manipulated to open handcuffs. As for the writing utensils? “Cause she could I guess,” was the response.

One commenter noted that the lead from pencils, when mixed with spit or water, can be used to make prison tattoos.

Another person felt that it was wrong for the authorities to share this photo and information. She wrote: “It is inappropriate, unprofessional and just plain wrong for a public service-government office to make this post, you should take it down.” Despite this and other comments reprimanding the office for sharing such information about an inmate, plenty of people in the comments took jabs at the woman who was hiding the contraband.

We search all of our inmates, no matter where they come from. This morning a female inmate came to us from Emmanuel…

Posted by Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office on Thursday, June 7, 2018



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