Movie Secrets Revealed!


Ahhh, movie magic. It’s wonderful when we can watch a film and be so caught up in the story and imagery that we don’t even notice what behind-the-scene tricks the crew had to come up with to make it all come off without a hitch. But some people make it their mission to figure out the ins and outs of movie-making and to reveal the little secrets that the rest of us would never otherwise notice.


Indie game developer David Amador spent a lot of time researching some of our favorite movies. He read articles, watched and re-watched scenes, and found interviews that revealed little-known details of some of the most popular movies ever made. He posted his findings to Twitter and they’re pretty cool.

Let’s start with two oldies but goodies: Jurassic Park and The Goonies. It seems that Nedry’s costumes in Jurassic Park (Wayne Knight’s character) were pulled directly from what Chunk (Jeff Cohen) wore in The Goonies. Don’t believe it? Check out the pictures below:

Speaking of Jurassic Park, that cup of water scene when the T. rex can be heard approaching from the distance took a little more preparation than you would have thought:

And how about we give a little love to a young actress who has been performing her own stunts for years:


In The Matrix they had to be a little tricky about hiding the camera that was planted in the doorknob…

This is a small detail from Toy Story that is so much fun:

Disney isn’t all princesses and love stories. Just check out this slightly gross (but very cool) discovery that Amador made about The Lion King and Hercules:

Amazingly, Spider-Man (2002) didn’t use CGI for this scene. Just some sticky stuff on the tray. And a whole lotta takes.


Finally, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory used some very talented little squirrels to pull off one scene in particular:



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