Elephant Caught Smoking in the Woods

(Image via Twitter)

Recently a wild Asian elephant at Nagarahole National Park in India was caught on camera smoking. No, he didn’t light up a Parliament or a cigar, but he was ingesting wood charcoal and blowing out the ashes.


But this particular elephant isn’t dumb, and isn’t scoffing at the dangers associated with smoking. To the contrary, the intelligent beast was “smoking” because the practice is apparently medicinal for the animals. According to the Smithsonian, charcoal “is known for its ability to bind with toxins and works as a laxative. So eating the charcoal may serve as a sort of wildlife medicine for the elephant.” The elephant probably needed to be a little more, ahem, regular. And this rare video, by Mr. Vinay Kumar, assistant director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s India Program, was able to capture it.

Of course, at first glance, it might look like something else:

And I’m not sure that this is what Dr. Seuss had in mind, but maybe…?



This person makes a good point about how knowledgeable these “experts” are…

And then there’s this:

Maybe the elephant is a teenager and really needs to get in with the popular crowd to feel accepted:

Oops, he was busted!



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