New Chess Championship Logo Is Making People Think about Kama Sutra


When you think of the World Chess Championship, chances are you think about a pretty quiet, possibly dull few hours with a couple of guys staring at knights and bishops. What you probably don’t think about is Kama Sutra. But maybe that’s what the organizers of next year’s event are hoping you’ll think about when you look at their new logo — so that you will actually want to watch the match.


The graphic for the 2018 Championship, which will be held in London in November, was just released, and the internet has had a field day with it. Sure, it’s just two people sitting opposite each other at a chess board. Playing chess like everyone does. right?

Amazingly, the designer tasked with the job of creating the image has pulled off a feat that no one thought possible:

The truth of the matter is that chess club in high school was never cool, and probably still isn’t cool. But maybe all the game needed was some fresh marketing that really spoke to the prospective members:

Some people couldn’t resist a good pun:


While others pointed out the obvious:

And then, of course, there’s the problem with children. Yes, kids do play chess and this logo might pose some issues for parents who are interested in having their kids watch the championship, as chess grandmaster Susan Polgar points out:

We should all tune in for the match next November. Maybe the real thing will somehow resemble the design?




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