Crafty Mom Turns Husband's Shirts into Adorable Kids Clothes

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I am just as guilty as the next mom of scouring through Instagram pictures and Pinterest boards looking for adorable clothes or accessories for my children. But when it comes to being crafty, I most certainly do not succeed most of the time. I can turn a mason jar into a cute utensil holder or votive with the best of them, but that is pretty much where my skills come to a screeching halt.


One mom, Stephanie Miller, has a hobby that’s going to make you jealous. She is unbearably talented at turning her husband’s old shirts into the cutest, trendiest clothes for her daughters. When she realized that her husband was throwing away perfectly good clothes (because they had shrunk), she didn’t want to be wasteful. She had seen other people turn old clothes into new gems on Instagram and had the confidence to give it a try herself. And she nailed it. Thanks to a sewing machine and a good imagination, Miller’s creations are worthy of their very own Etsy store.

Miller told The Huffington Post about how life changed and she felt she lost her creative side when her first child was born:

“We were living in a one-bedroom apartment with little space for me to set up my paintings, the oil paints have unhealthy fumes, and it took me too long to set up my paints with a baby to care for,” she told HuffPost. “I was suffering with postpartum depression, and with the lifestyle shock of motherhood, I felt a loss of identity.”


Miller’s first attempt was a success, and she has since made adorable clothes for herself and her daughters. The mom said her girls love the dresses she makes out of their dad’s shirts. “My 3-year-old calls the dresses I make her ‘Elsa dresses’ and wears hers every week,” she said. “When I’m doing laundry my little girls will pick up their daddy’s shirts and make requests for dresses.”

Check out some of her creations below!


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My baby woke up early this morning so I sewed in the early morning hours. She was a good sport letting me try on the dress (only 2 time😂) to cut and fit the sleeves. Once I made her a dress two years ago and kept fitting it on her to adjust the dress, by the time I was done she wouldn't wear it. I decided to not make my kids clothes at that point. Now they ask me to make them dresses and never want to take them off. It is much more rewarding. This shirt was her daddy's shirt that shrunk, @letsbuyutah. #sew #refashion #refashioned #refashionista #sewing #sewingproject #diy #beforeandafter #mothermakes #oldshirt #newdress #dresses #littlegirl #littlegirldress #onehour #onehourprojets #quickneasy #sewforfun #sewfun

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