Shocking Pic of Leonardo DiCaprio and His Parents

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Instead of remarking on how cute actor Leonardo DiCaprio was as a baby, the Internet is at it again. Recently a picture popped up of the actor with his parents back in 1976. And despite the fact that it was 1976 and grooming norms were wildly different than they are today, all the mean girls and guys came out with snarky comments about the state of DiCaprio’s mother’s armpits. So she didn’t shave them. So what? It’s hardly anything to waste time commenting online about, especially since it was thirty years ago.


And while I’m personally a fan of hair removal, why should people have to keep their bodies in any state other than what makes them happy? I’m going all-out-feminist on this one here, folks. Sorry. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have to abide by it. Let’s focus on the positives in this picture: the actor is with his adoring parents, and he’s cute as can be. No matter what her armpits looked like, Leo, to this day, has wonderful things to say about his mama. According to Yahoo, “He’s called her a ‘walking miracle’ in the past.”

Baby Leonardo DiCaprio with his mom and dad, 1976.Follow us for more awesome history >> History In Pictures

Posted by History In Pictures on Tuesday, March 1, 2016



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