MAGA Monday: All the Lefty Lunacy That's Fit to Print

AP Photo/Michael Wyke

House Republicans have finally caught on to the idea that the Biden Admin., or rather the globalist toilet people who control them, are gavaging illegal aliens into the nation to replace us.


Here is an official from the State Dept. admitting that pipelining illegals from Latin America is all a subterfuge to change the demographics of the United States:

The Democrats' first order of business will be to allow los invasores to vote, as no thinking American would cast a ballot for the party looking to bring America crashing down upon itself.

The GOP House members came up with H.R.8281, the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, a bill that, if passed, would prevent illegals from voting in federal elections.

Democrats decided they didn't like that idea. They claimed the bill was redundant, stating it's already illegal for illegals to vote. but it is also unlawful for them to even cross the border, yet Biden and his myrmidons don't seem to have a problem breaking that law, so frankly, Mr. Shankly, why should We the People believe he won't trash another law and let them vote?

Of course he is going to let them vote.

We watched as the Democrats' "mostly peaceful" street thugs -- Antifa and BLM -- burned our  blue cesspool cities and injured more than 2,000 cops in the process. We tried to point out the absurdity of comparing the 574 violent declared riots in honor of George "Fentanyl" Floyd to the MAGA grannies being hauled in for a peaceful stroll through the Capitol, all for naught.


The Democrat brainwashing strategy to control their tatterdemalions is simple and pure genius:

  • We are good; patriots are evil
  • You can be one of us, but you must be all in, otherwise you are one of them
  • Do not believe any news that doesn't come from us
  • It's OK to violently attack the patriots because they are racists

This is why your pink-haired, crock-wearing niecphew will absorb every lefty lie that emanates from the lizard people at the Communist New Network (CNN), and call your real facts "fake news." 

RACIST REALITY FACT-O-RAMA! By 1900, Republicans had elected 22 black men to Congress. Democrats wouldn't elect one until 1935. Watch the video below:

What can't be denied is that Biden is collapsing like a clown tent after happy hour. Trump is killing President Finger-Diddle in the polls. The Stalinites are in full meltdown mode.

Biden refuses to drop out of the race because if he does the his crack-tootin' son Hunter and his sleaze-fest brother Jim Biden will go to prison once the Oversight Committee has finished their investigation. 

Biden needs these illegals to vote so he can keep his criminal kin out of the hoosegow.

Who stands in the way of such communist codswallop? You and your MAGA hat, that's who.

Biden has spent his ill-begotten presidential term screeching that MAGA peeps are an existential threat to democracy. The reason he has done this is because, truth be known, you are not a danger to our American liberties and culture, but rather a danger to the commode-dwelling pinkos looking to enslave the nation.


Why else would the FBI deem your Betsy Ross flag and various other patriotic symbols signs of "domestic extremism"? Because they are just the opposite: Yhey are signs of patriotism, and in Joe Biden's America, patriots are the enemy.

Roll up your sleeves, have a swig of bourbon -- I am currently sipping Four Roses -- and get into the fight now, not after you've been "debanked," your business has been closed, and your daughter is attacked by a gang of "newcomers."

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Stop the commie animals with words and votes while you still can.  

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