Free Tickets to Paradise: NYC Flying Illegal Immigrants Anywhere They Want That Isn't NYC

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Welcome to New York City. Where can we send you?

As the Big Apple gets squashed into a cobbler, Mayor Eric Adams is offering illegal immigrants one last financial kiss: a one-way plane ticket to anywhere.


“With no sign of a decompression strategy in the near future, we have established a reticketing center for migrants,” a defeated Adams declared.

This announcement comes days after Adams and his Big Apple Dumpling Gang of advisers decided to pass out tents to illegal immigrants and set up camps in city parks as winter approaches.

FACT-O-RAMA!  New York City gets cold in the winter.

New York City is spending over $380 per day on every illegal immigrant. A one-way ticket to London’s Heathrow Airport is $366. The potential savings are tremendous, though NYC will be known as the city for free airfare to anywhere in the world and thus may encourage even more immigrants to move to New York.

“Here, the city will redouble efforts to purchase tickets for migrants to help them take the next steps in their journeys, and it helps us triage operations at The Roosevelt [Hotel] for new arrivals, “Adams continued.

Adams spent $650,000 to open a large tent with a capacity for 1,000 single men but closed it down after few showed up. It seems the tent and the free meals were located on Randall’s Island, which was too inconvenient for illegal immigrants. They were moved to a more accommodating hotel in Midtown Manhattan.


Adams also shortened the maximum stay for illegal immigrants in New York City’s hotels from 60 days down to a mere 30. It isn’t clear where the immigrants, most of whom can’t work legally in the U.S., are expected to go after that.

Adams has been whining that the cost of housing and feeding illegal immigrants will “destroy” New York City and has bent over backward to send them elsewhere, seemingly forgetting that the town he manages is a “sanctuary city.” The free airline ticket is the next step in Adams’ plan to relocate as many people as he can.

“Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams wailed in September referring to the illegal immigrant crises he invited.

The illegal immigrants have brought drugs, violence, and mayhem to some of the hotels where they are staying for free.

Chaos, total chaos. There’s no accountability. There is no daily supervision to show these people that you don’t destroy your hotel. You are only there temporarily. This is not your home. The employeesendure a lot of disrespect from the migrants, and there [are] some nice migrants, but there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence, and you have teenagers going into the staircases and making out like it’s Lover’s Lane. This is a free-for-all.  —Felipe Rodriguez, employee at the Row NYC Hotel


Adams went to Joe Biden, hat in hand, and begged for money to keep his sanctuary city from falling apart, but nothing has been offered yet.

Some New Yorkers are fed up and have begun heckling lefty politicians when they speak about the intentional destruction of their once-proud city.


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