Learn Your A-B-CCPs: China Spent $17 Million Funding U.S. Schools

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A group called “Parents Defending Education” has released a scathing report called “Little Red Classrooms: China’s Infiltration of American K-12 Schools,” which details how China is funding various schools in the U.S., many of them near military bases.


The report claims China has funneled $17,967,565.12 to 134 schools, located in 34 states and D.C., from 2009-2023. Some of the contracts have expired, but CCP cash still flows to the following school districts:

  • Seattle Public Schools, Wash.
  • Highland Park Independent School District, Texas
  • Tulsa Public Schools, Okla.
  • Cloverport Independent School District, Ky.
  • Minnetonka Public Schools, Minn.
  • St. Cloud Area School District, Minn.
  • Sisters School District, Ore.

Confucius say, “WTF?”

The report outlines how the money comes through Confucius Institutes and its elementary-through-high school programming called “Confucius Classrooms.”

From the report:

According to a National Association of Scholars report, Confucius Institutes, and its K-12 programming called Confucius Classrooms, are “centers that teach Chinese language and culture.” Confucius programming creates a partnership between K-12 schools, universities or nonprofits, and a Chinese government entity.

The report also details some very disturbing facts:

  • The CCP has ties to schools near 20 military bases;
  • Three of our nation’s top science and technology high schools have ties to CCP-related programs;
  • Thomas Jefferson High School in Falls Church, Va., took in roughly $1 million in a decade.

The report pays attention to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI):

The United States is not officially part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative—a global investment campaign launched in 2013 that seeks to advance the Chinese Communist Party’s policy infrastructure, technology, and education initiatives.6 However, Confucius Institutes, Confucius Classrooms, and other Chinese government-backed programming in the United States support Belt and Road Initiative efforts. A 2017 Hanban report stated that the “Confucius Institutes have become a vital force for international cooperation under the [sic] ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.” In a Chinese state media article from 2016, the Chinese Communist Party “lauded” Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms for promoting its Belt and Road Initiative.

Now is a good time for a little reminder of who was involved with BRI.

Congress Oversight Hunter Biden Explainer
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FACT-O-RAMA! In his book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” author Peter Schweizer details how Hunter Biden helped the CCP spread BRI throughout the world.

How many of these schools are teaching CRT? How many have “drag queen story hour”? More importantly, what is being done to stop this invasion of our nation’s schools?


Rep. Mike Waltz (R.-Fla.) wants answers.

“Not only is the CCP trying to promote their propaganda through education programs but are using Chinese shell companies to outright buy American private schools around the country,” Waltz stated to The Daily Mail.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) is calling for action. He introduced a bill that would ban federal agencies from funding research in China or “any entity” owned by the Chinese.

“From buying our farmland to setting up CCP police stations here on U.S. soil, stealing our intellectual property, spying on our military bases, and now buying their way into our children’s K-12 schools, it is past time for this administration to wake up and realize what we are up against,” Marshall relayed to The Daily Mail.

Pushing China out of our farmland, skies, and now schools will be difficult while the current occupants of the White House have a growing list of ties to CCP.

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