Democrats' War on Cops Is Costing More Blue Lives

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Ever since the death of George Floyd and the subsequent lefty-driven battle against our police, we’ve seen respect for cops tumble and violence against them explode.


Now throw in no-bail laws while simultaneously emptying the prisons and jails. What we have is pandemonium, compliments of your local Marxist clown politicians. And the police are paying the ultimate price.

The National Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) released a chilling report on Monday regarding the number of police officers shot thus far in 2022.

As of midnight on July 31, 2022, 210 officers have been shot in the line of duty. This is up 14% from the same time last year, which was one of the most violent years in recent history. Thirty-nine of those officers died.

More bad news from the FOP report:

  • Seventy-one cops were shot in 46 “ambush attacks” (meaning the police had no idea they were about to be fired upon). Eighteen died of their wounds.
  • Five officers were killed while at home or on their way home
  • Texas has the most cops shot, with 19 officers losing their lives

Patrick Yoes, the National FOP president, released a statement,

Make no mistake—we are experiencing a real crisis with the level of violence directed at law enforcement officers. This past year has been one of the most dangerous years for law enforcement in recent history due to the increase of violence directed toward law enforcement officers, the nationwide crime crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Frankly, it is unlike anything I’ve seen in my 36 years of law enforcement. Last year we saw more officers shot in the line of duty than any other since the National Fraternal Order of Police began recording this data in late 2015.

I’m sad to report that so far this year, we are outpacing last year’s historic number of officers shot and killed. This fact is disturbing and should alarm all Americans.

Many will often look at this data and just see numbers. We MUST remember that they represent heroes—fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Thankfully, had it not been for the countless dramatic improvements in medical trauma science and anti-ballistic technology, the lethality of these attacks would be much greater.

I call on Americans in every community across the country to join us in taking a stand—to say, ‘enough is enough!’ Truthfully, this violence is beyond unacceptable; it’s a stain on our society, and it must end. It is incumbent upon our elected officials and community leaders to stand up, support our heroes, and speak out against the violence against law enforcement officers.


The Officer Down Memorial Page reports that 151 police officers have died in the line of duty this year from all causes.

In the video below, a mob physically attacks a group of cops and hurls bottles at them.

Heather Mac Donald, author of The War on Cops, recently wrote about the current anti-cop rhetoric for the NY Post.

The police bear the disproportionate share of such violence since they are the most frequent target of race-based calumny from Democrats, the mainstream media and academia. The rising tide of animosity has them leaving the profession in droves, exacerbating the crime problem. Police recruiting has become a near impossibility.

Democrats may face a rout this November, in significant part because of the violence that is spreading from the inner cities into the rest of the country. If Biden wants to minimize the electoral losses, he should join his FBI chief in repudiating anti-cop violence. As important, he should retract his own false statements about policing and America’s enduring racism.


Police are leaving their departments in scores, especially in big blue cities, where pro-criminal district attorneys have allowed crime to explode. Who wants to work a dangerous job in a defunded department that Democrat politicians openly disdain?




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