It's a Brawl World After All: Two Families Slug It Out at Disney

Photo by Chris Queen

Malice in Wonderland: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is nothing! Two families slugged it out at Walt Disney World in Florida over a space in line for Mickey’s Philharmagic, a 3D animated concert.


A woman got out of line when she realized she left her phone on her electric scooter. When she returned, a family behind her refused to let her back in line.

The first family went in and waited for the other family at the theater’s exit. That’s then the hilarity violence ensued.

“We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister,” someone from the first family allegedly snapped.

Heated words were exchanged and then things got goofy (I’m going to squeeze in as many Disney references as I can. That was the fourth if you count the headline).

Vincent Yu

The family feud raged for roughly two minutes as onlookers gave the dumbos room to rumble. The Rescuers soon showed up and broke up the donnybrook, though several of the pugilists tried to continue the melee. One scrapper was hospitalized with a cut to the face, and several others were left with bruises.


There are several videos of the fisticuffs that can be found online. I like this one the best. PRO-TIP: count the shoes left on the ground as the dust-up continues. How do people lose their shoes in a gang fight?

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You may be thinking. “Who goes to Disney and fights? A LOT of people. Like these clowns. And who can forget two almost-naked sisters throwing down?

This one is great because tourists begin to attack Pluto.

This may be a good time to change your travel plans and spend the weekend somewhere safe, like Chicago.


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