Long Island Nurses Busted in Vax Passport Scheme

AP Photo/LM Otero

A nurse practitioner, Julie DeVuono, 49, and Marissa Urraro, 44, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) were busted for forging fake vaccine passports and adding bogus vaccine info into the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSISS). They operated out of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare, a kid’s medical office in Amityville, N.Y., which is on Long Island. The clinic is owned by DeVuono.


The price for the bogus vaccine scheme was $220 for adults and $85 for kids.

They brought in roughly $1.5 million dollars between Nov. 2021 and Jan. 2022. Law enforcement found $900,000 in cash at the home of one of the nurses and a financial ledger showing they made closer to $1.5 million in roughly three months. That’s a lot of people who don’t want the vaccine.

The Wild Child Facebook page posted this: “Hello everyone. Thank you for your outpouring of support at this difficult time. Please keep my family and Marissa in your prayers as well.”

The responses are mostly brutal, with pro-vaccine people lashing out and others calling for their imprisonment.


“Who do I pray to? The God that gave us the enlightenment to create life-saving vaccines? Who told us not to bear false witness? The one who declared Greed a deadly sin,” one Facebook user posted.

DeVuono’s attorney has not yet released a statement. Urraro’s attorney is speaking out.

“We look forward to highlighting the legal impediments and defects of the investigation,” Michael Alber stated. “It’s our hope that an accusation definitely doesn’t overshadow the good work Miss Urraro’s done for children and adults in the medical field.”


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