Was 2021 Trump's Best Year Ever?

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One of the best things about having Trump in the White House was knowing we had a president who is a brawler. He never backed down from a fight. We all knew Trump wasn’t afraid to throw a punch. It was like going drinking with a friend who teaches Krav Maga (get it Maga!). If there is trouble, Trump is happy to whack a mole.


Trump is now on the sidelines but still making moves. He continues his sold-out live appearances. Most importantly, he endorses people he will need in politics should he return. Trump’s endorsement record is astounding. In 2020, Trump’s endorsement record was 120-2. This year it was 17-1. He has already endorsed dozens for the 2022 mid-term elections. Recalcitrant RINOs beware. Liz Cheney should freshen up her resume. Never Trumpers need to realize that the Republican party now belongs to Trump.

FACT-O-RAMA! Trump was the first major-party presidential candidate to never run on an anti-gay marriage platform.

An Obama endorsement doesn’t have nearly as much panache as Trump’s. Since 2014, Obama has endorsed 786 candidates and 337 have lost. This includes no-brainer races like the 2014 governor races in the dark blue states of Maine and Maryland, (both Democrat candidates, with Obama’s endorsement, lost).

Also significant, as time goes on, there is more and more evidence of cheating in the 2020 election. A majority of voters now believe that cheating influenced the outcome.

Americans won’t stand for rigged elections. Ok, conservatives won’t stand for them. Democrats have a horrible habit of doing what they are told (according to another Rassmussen poll, only 29% of Democrats “communist Americans” opposed federal vaccine mandates).


Some Americans who believe Trump was robbed are likely to double down on their support for Trump in 2024. Conservatives are angry over being robbed. We saw Trump summon hundreds of thousands of supporters to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 to protest the rigged election. “Trump 2024” flags are already hoisted on flagpoles around the nation.  As my t-shirt says, “We the People, are P***ed.”

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But wait, there’s more! Biden and the Democrats lizard people couldn’t be doing a worse job. Gas prices are insane, and so is inflation. Biden left $80 billion worth of armaments in Afghanistan, not to mention the lives of 17 of our soldiers. American first responders, once hailed as heroes, have been fired for not bending their knees and raising their sleeves. At the same time, Biden is allowing a steady flow of illegal immigrants, untested and unvaxxed, to pour into our country, and into your neighborhood. Meanwhile, a five-year-old American child needs to show a vax passport to get a Happy Meal in New York City.


Local Democrats are also going down like the Hindenburg. Blue cities are war zones. Chicago celebrates a “festival of lead” every weekend. As of today, 4,514 people have been shot in 2021 in the Windy City; that’s more than 12 per day. Liberal cesspools that voted to defund their cops saw record murder rates.

New York City had more than 2,000 drug overdoses in 2020, roughly 5.5 per day. Comrade de Blasio’s response was to open a “drug overdose prevention center,” better known as a “shooting gallery.” A place where people can use serious drugs with “supervision.” Meanwhile, average Americans are fighting for their right to go to work or buy a bagel without a vaccine passport.

Democrats are going full commie while Trump is making moves that benefit him and the country. His new social media platform, Truth Social, is guaranteed to be a hit and it is expected to be released in March, just in time for the 2022 mid-terms. Trump can say what he wants without harpies like Mark Zuckerberg breathing down his neck.

Enemies of Trump have fallen as well. Both Cuomos are licking their wounds in obscurity. CNN is a bee-hive of pedophiles, and the nation now sees Fauci as a partisan hack who should be facing charges for lying to congress.


Critical Race Theory is against the ropes. Roughly 75% of Americans agree that, despite what the leftists say, there are only two genders. We are done kowtowing to the tiny portion of the nation who believes a man in a dress is somehow a woman.

Though 2021 has been a great year for Trump, the 2022 midterms are what everyone is looking forward to. It’s the after-school fight the students have been waiting all year to see. If last November’s election is a harbinger, the Democrats are looking to get their unisex pants beaten off them. Then onto 2024.


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