Your Thanksgiving Weekend Round-up! Shoplifting, Black Supremacy and Antifa Weeps!

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Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend is here. Finally, time to relax.

Thanksgiving was a blast! Your liberal sister-in-law really outdid herself with that gluten-free stuffing you could almost taste. And let’s face it, her COVID bouncer didn’t have much of a left hook. Your face will heal by Christmas, but his fist is gonna be in a cast until Valentine’s Day, so who REALLY won that fight?

Shoplifters of the world unite and take over

You’re not much of a shopper, so you didn’t venture out to the mall on Black Oppressed Friday. It’s okay; you can watch the organized looting on the news. Wait, did I just say the word “looting”? I’m such a silly racist goose! I meant to say “Gucci bag redistribution.”

Two Best Buy stores in the Minneapolis region got hammered on Black Friday.

I know white supremacy is real because MSNBC’s Joy Reid talks about it every day. This country is obviously chock full of white supremacists, being all white supremely and whatnot, but unless the color is off on my computer, most of the looters don’t look like white supremacists to me.

Rittenhouse 3 — Antifa 0

The Rittenhouse verdict was really the only thing on my Christmas list. Thank you, Santa! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is Kyle Rittenhouse free, but the 2nd Amendment survived another ordeal. Also, real Americans are reassured that we can defend ourselves against violent leftist mobs. Remember folks, terrorists are like beer; they come in both foreign and domestic.

The bonus of the Rittenhouse verdict is that the hermaphroditic creatures of Antifa are in a whirl. They’re not sure if they are boys or girls, and they are petrified that their two-year run of consequence-free rioting is over. Like the spoiled brat in Willy Wonka, Veruca Salt, they are screaming and crying that real Americans have had enough of their fascist terrorism.


Don’t misunderstand me, you still can’t shoot a green-haired, Pikachu Antifa brat for smashing your car window; that’s what your non-lethal Hero 2020 is for. But when it comes to physically attacking you or your family, it’s nice to know the commies have learned a lesson, Americans WILL fight back. Cry me a river over the child rapist that didn’t leave Kenosha. Oops, that makes me a racist again.

Read the fear in the Antifa posts below. They know their reign of terror is over. They want to buy guns? Let them. I’ll take a 17-year-old patriot who grew up with guns over some Antifa priss afraid of breaking a nail the first time he points a weapon at me.

I won’t even try to make a tongue-in-cheek reference about the Waukesha black supremacist attack, ever. A domestic terrorist ran over 60+ people, killing six and injuring roughly 56 others. BLM is attempting to raise the $5 million that Darrell Brooks, the terrorist who ran over the paradegoers, needs to post bail (how he got bail at all is yet another reminder that Soros has people communists in high places everywhere).


The original donation page was taken down by GoFundMe, but a new one, also by Holly Zoller, is now asking for $4 million dollars for “Great Lakes Black Lives Matter” (you’ll understand if I don’t post the link). Does that mean an anonymous donor has already given $1 million?

Brooks made it clear he hates white folks and agrees with Hitler regarding Jewish people. He is the worst of the worst. You wouldn’t know that if you get your news from lefty sites, some of which are claiming an “SUV” massacred those innocent people in the Waukesha Christmas parade.

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The bad news is that shoplifting seems to be okay for certain “oppressed” people. Domestic terrorism is alive and well at Christmas time. Though try as they might, the lefty news can’t make Waukesha go away.

The good news is that we are going into the holiday Christmas season with a pep in our steps. November saw a red wave on election day. A 17-year-old man taught the nation it’s okay to be a patriot again.


And just to “trigger” the left, my 100% Puerto Rican, Trump-loving, gun-toting fiance and I are going to karaoke to sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Suck it, commies, you can’t ruin Christmas.

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