SHOCKER: Waukesha Car-Ramming Attacker Ran Over a Woman Earlier in November and Was Released on a $1,000 Bond

AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

Darrell Edward Brooks, the mass murderer who ran over 45+ people in a Christmas parade, should have been in jail, for several reasons.

Brooks has a lengthy rap sheet which includes felony reckless endangerment and a felony possession of a weapon. PJ Media’s Gwendolyn Sims reported on Brooks yesterday.


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Most recently, Brooks was arrested for running over a female friend in what is described as a domestic abuse case. The complaint states Brooks followed his girlfriend to a gas station after a fight and, as the victim put it, “ran her over with his vehicle.” She was hospitalized for her injuries.

That makes three felonies since July of 2020, not to mention resisting arrest and bail jumping. You’d think bail might not be a good idea for a violent felon with a history of vehicular assault. Not if you’re “woke.”

Brooks was released earlier in November after paying a mere $1,000 after running over his girlfriend. Today, five people are dead and dozens are injured after he used his car, yet again, to hurt and kill people.


Today, Milwaukee County authorities admitted what everyone already knows. They dropped the ball on Brooks’s bail.

No motive has been given for Brooks’s vehicular attack, though he allegedly embraces BLM’s values and has allegedly posted anti-Semitic statements online.

Get your popcorn and watch the left twist, deny, and deflect to protect Brooks, or at least hide his true motivations for committing mass murder.



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