Three Reasons the White Hats Are Winning

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The world has now seen what we have long known: Joe Biden isn’t capable of leading a Girl Scout cookie drive, much less the most powerful nation on the planet.


The left celebrated Biden’s 2020 election “victory” by saying, “Now the world will respect us again.” If I could, I’d cue up a laugh track right now. Imma bet your Facebook libtrolls are pretty quiet lately. Afghanistan is a scar Biden can’t remove, even though his toadies in the left-leaning media are trying to distract everyone’s attention. Even the fake bomber in Washington, D.C., is already literally, and figuratively, yesterday’s news.

Despite the chaos in Afghanistan, things are starting to go our way. Slowly but steadily the sun is starting to shine on conservatives again.

Normally, when the left gets bad news, like Biden’s total flop in Afghanistan, they will play the “Whatabout” card. Their favorite response is “what about the insurrection?” They can kiss that goodbye as of today.

Reason One: Narrative Dashed

This one is devastating to the left. Their own Stasi FBI has finally admitted what we all knew: grannies walking into the Capitol do not an “insurrection” make. As PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported earlier today, the FBI recently indicated that they have found little proof of a widespread plan by Trump supporters to take over the United States on January 6. Months of investigations, hundreds of interviews, and mass arrests have led the FBI to believe that 90-95% of the 570 people they’ve arrested were “one-offs“—meaning most of those who walked into the Capitol brought Trump flags, not weapons. Most took nothing more than selfies and exited when they were told to do so.


All of this flies in the face of the lefty narrative that Trumpers tried to “take over the government” on January 6, 2021. MSNBC apparatchik gasbags Matthew Dowd and his homophobic ally Joy Reid comically agreed that January 6 was somehow worse than 9/11.

Reason Two: Mean Marj Greene

Georgie Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced Thursday that she would submit articles of impeachment against Adderall Joe Bide for his catastrophic handling of the evacuation of Afghanistan.

“Joe Biden is failing America and he needs to be impeached,” Greene stated.

“I do have articles of impeachment drawn up to submit tomorrow because I believe in firing people when they’re corrupt and they do a bad job” she continued.

Fact-O-Rama! The Pentagon doesn’t know how many Americans are trapped in Kabul.

Greene made the announcement at an “America First” event whilst sitting alongside Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. It marks the first time the GOP has shown it has what it takes to fight as dirty as the Democrats. For some of us, it’s long overdue.


Greene and Gaetz along with Reps. Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar recently made waves in regards to the January 6 political prisoners being held in solitary confinement. They went to the Department of Justice to face Merrick Garland but were not allowed in the building. Days later, they went to the Washington, D.C., jail where the prisoners are being held and were locked out, even though Congress decides the facility’s yearly budget and routinely visits detention facilities.

Reason Three: No Mo Cuomo

We will end this week by bidding adieu to the thug of Albany, Andrew “Nipple Ring” Cuomo, who will vacate his position at 11:59 on Aug 23. The left kissed his ring and licked his boot for over a year in regard to his “handling” of the COVID situation. He was given an Emmy for his daily televised boastings, as well as a $5.1 million book deal, where he further gloated about his leadership skills, while never mentioning his Stalin-like slaughter of New York’s elderly population.

The only downside to Cuomo’s departure is that the list of Democrats running to take his place in 2022 is a Who’s-Who of Americommie lunatics, all of whom are likely salivating at the thought of finishing Cuomo’s goal of turning New York into Moscow on the Hudson.






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