[VIDEO] 'Karen' Tries to Lure Asian Man's Unleashed Dog Into Traffic

(Image from TikTok)


In a new low, a harpy tried to compel an unleashed dog into New York City traffic. The video is going viral on TikTok and Twitter.


Gorgon Zoloft

Bursting with sanctimony, the harridan tried to get the “puppy” killed by oncoming traffic. The dog was apparently unleashed, and that just doesn’t fly with self-hating losers like this woman. After a few minutes of back-and-forth mouth drama, the ogress actually calls the dog and runs toward the street.

Apparently the woman used a racial insult toward the Asian dog owner that she refused to repeat once the camera was running.

“Have you never heard of a leash in the city?” the woman says in the clip. “We’ll wait for the police to clear it up.”

The woman made a second attempt to get the dog killed. This time the dog followed, but the owner was able to retrieve “Bobo” before he was injured.

The woman eventually found a cop, but it remains unclear if there was any legal action taken.



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