Shameless in Skedaddle: Five Texas Democrat Runaways, All Vaccinated, Snag China Flu

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Overcome THIS

Roughly 50 Texas Democrat lawmakers, looking to dodge a vote on election integrity, grabbed some beer, jumped on a plane, and fled to Washington, D.C. They even took smiling pictures of themselves as they scrammed, maskless.


To add insult to idiocy, they sang the civil rights ballad We Shall Overcome in Washington.

Then five got COVID.

Science Deniers

Leftist maskovites have been screaming at people to “mask-up” for almost a year and a half, yet the Democrat turncoats decided the Fauci face diapers are for plebes. Odd, considering that masks are still required in airports. The absconders also chartered a plane to Washington. Commercial flights are for peasants.

The Texas House Democrat Caucus (HDC) said in a statement that “All of the HDC Members who tested positive are feeling good, with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.” It did not state which members are now infected.

The Audacity of Dopiness

Sitzpinkler James Talarico actually had the pebbles to play the victim card AND the role of patriot to explain his unwillingness to secure voting rights.

We left behind our families, our livelihoods, & our beloved Texas. But our sacrifice is nothing compared to the sacrifices brave Americans have made throughout history to protect the sacred right to vote.


The Texas fugitives met with Democrat heavy-sitters such as Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris. Harris later went to Walter Reed hospital for a “routine” Sunday check-up after the Dems started to test positive for COVID. Harris met with two Dems who have come down with COVID.

These Boots Were Made For Walkouts

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a blistering criticism of the Democrats who slunk away. He announced via Twitter on July 12 that he will continue the Special Sessions, citing a poll that showed more than half of Texans oppose walkouts. “Texans Oppose Walkouts to Avoid Votes… We will continue successive Special Sessions until elected representatives do what they were elected to do—debate issues & cast votes.”





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