Democrats Lie to You and Won't Allow Themselves to See the Truth

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Back To Basics

The Democrats’ spin strategy comes directly from the schoolyard book of retaliation: “I know what you are but what am I?” The latest nonsense is Democrats claiming Republicans were behind the “defund the police” movement and not antifa, BLM, and progressive politicians all over the country.


Let’s not forget these instances of evil, political flip-flopping psychosis:

1. Mass suicider Hillary Clinton blamed her historic loss to Trump on “Russia collusion” even though we found that not only did Trump not seek help from the Russians, but that Hillary lapdog Christopher Steele was working with the Russians to help the Hil-babe.

2. Democrats flipped their wigs when a relatively small number of unarmed Trump supporters, aided by at least one BLM supporter, broke Capitol windows and scuffled with cops, yet actually denied the existence of antifa as they were burning (Democrat stronghold) cities for the year prior. To date, no one who was at the Capitol has been charged with sedition. If it was an insurrection, it was a poor one as 350,000 people magically forgot their guns.

3. Libs claim to be for women’s rights and suggest Republicans are not, yet Dems let sexual predators pour over the border and allow them to stay. They also support the right of a guy in lipstick to take your daughter’s sports scholarship.

4. Dems complain that Republicans want voter restrictions to cheat in elections, yet there is so much evidence that the Dems cheated in 2020 that you could make a movie about it. Someone did.

Deny ‘Til You Die

A recent article from the tragically lib site Mother Jones suggested crime hasn’t REALLY risen, and if it has, we can’t blame the rise on defunding the police because so few cities have done so. Yet a quick duckduckgo search proves otherwise.


Forbes counted 13 large cities that cut their police funding and then saw a booming rise in crimes. Cities are begging to get their cops back. Minneapolis crime has gotten so bad that citizens needed a lawsuit to get their police departments to return to full strength, which was successful. Literally every crime stat expert agrees crime is out of control, except for the enlightened masters Mother Jones dug up.

“It’s hard to give a nice, simple overview of what crime is doing,” Charis Kubrin, a professor of criminology at the University of California, Irvine, stated. “Crime was rising drastically in the 1980s through the 1990s, then we experienced the crime drop. Now it seems to depend on which city.”

Yes, dope, it’s the cities that defunded their police departments (not to mention dropped bail rules and let criminals out of prison). That’s akin to saying, “I didn’t have sexual relations with that girl wearing my DNA on her dress,” suggesting it happened but it didn’t, also proving the Democrats’ playbook hasn’t changed much over the decades. Mad bomb shouts to Kubrin for saying that “it’s hard to give a nice, simple overview of what crime is doing” as he gives a nice, simple overview of what crime was doing in the ’80s and ’90s.

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The Mother Jones article doesn’t even mention the other leftist agenda nonsense that is getting black people killed in record numbers, such as the aforementioned “no bail” laws and letting criminals out of jail. Also what happens when mobs are allowed to burn cities, many of which are black neighborhoods? They will do what mobs do and burn, loot, assault, and murder. This isn’t rocket science, but pointing out the obvious makes us “racists.” If conservatives are so racist, why do we want to bring back the cops who will reduce crime in black neighborhoods?

Mother Jones claims to be on the side of black folks, yet they deny the surge in crime that disproportionately  affects black neighborhoods. They deny that defunding the cops, which leads to fewer cops on the street, has any effect on the rate of violent crimes, and black people pay the price. Yay for woke.


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