'I'll Have Those [African Americans] Voting Democrat For 200 Years'


Pants On Fire

Of all the lies the Democrats tell black folks, the myth of impending reparations is the meanest. H.R. 40, the “reparations” bill, has been bouncing around Congress almost as long as Pelosi, and yet it never gets any traction. I’m not saying the government won’t some day follow through on this ridiculous plan but to do so at this point would mean the death of the Democrat Party and the Dems know it. White, Asian, and Hispanic voters (not the libs, of course) would flip. Then again, if the Dems can keep cheating in elections, they won’t need real votes.


A 2019 poll showed only 29% of Americans favored reparations but those numbers are largely along racial lines. A whopping 74% of black people want reparations and 85% of white people don’t want their taxes to pay for them. Interestingly, some of the people who participated in the survey believe the U.S. government should issue an apology for slavery, even though all the former slaves are dead. What those people don’t realize is that Congress did apologize in 2008.

One black woman polled stated, “White people today can’t be liable for what their ancestors did.” I agree, however the only problem with this statement is my ancestors weren’t here yet, so should my taxes go to pay reparations to black people who aren’t slaves, were never slaves, and are so separated from slavery that they can’t name a slave in their family tree? I’m gonna vote no. Some folks disagree with me. A mega-loon lefty white woman in Chicago just went on a hunger strike until reparations are paid. Fine with me, more kimchi tacos for the rest of the commies.

Paid In Full

Payment 1

Some people believe reparations have been paid, and then some. Would affirmative action be considered “reparations?” Black prof. John McWhorter of Columbia University thinks so, and he schooled Don Lemon on the idea.

Payment 2

The Union Army lost over 360,000 mostly white men to fighting and disease, though it can be argued many of those men didn’t die to end slavery. Even so, that’s a pretty big, fat, white check to write. Also, if we pay reparations to black people, should the descendants of the dead soldiers also get a payday, especially those who got drafted?

Payment 3
Roughly $23 trillion has been spent on the “war on poverty” since the days of President Lyndon Johnson, yet 56 years and 3-5 generations later, poverty still hamstrings many black families. Generations of entitlement programs appear to not have helped black people at all, and there is ample proof the policy has actually kept them in poverty, along with the bane of rampant crime and fatherless children.
What’s Wrong?

There are several key problems vexing the black community. Firstly, too many black people ignore the four basic principals of staying out of poverty:

  1. Graduate high school
  2. Don’t procreate until you’re married and have the resources to raise kids
  3. Avoid anything, including selling or taking drugs, that might send you to jail
  4. Get a full-time job

If you want to have some fun, throw these four rules at libs and watch their heads explode. You’ll hear, “Black people CAN’T get jobs or stay out of jail because of systemic racism!” Then you’ll be called a racist for daring to suggest black people are just as capable and just as responsible for their lives as white people. They’ll hate you for your belief in equality.

The biggest threat to black people today is the well-meaning lib. They support unlimited welfare and they make excuses for poor behavior. Their beliefs cripple the black community time and again.


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Frederick Douglass said it best when he stated, “Everybody has asked the question, ‘What shall we do with the Negro?’ I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.”


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