A Deep Dive into Mass Shooting Data (Rachel Maddow Hardest Hit)

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Sun’s Out Gun’s Out! Mass shootings are back in the headlines. If the current trend continues, this could be the bloodiest summer in decades. 

CNN wants us to think white supremacists and their cursed AR-15s are shooting up our restaurants, playgrounds, and nightclubs.  


Let’s grab a shovel and dig up the facts.

The U.S. saw a nearly 50% mega-jump in mass shootings last year over previous years:

2017: 347 shootings

2018: 336 shootings

2019: 417 shootings

2020: 610  shootings

2021 looks to dwarf 2020. March of 2020 spawned 25 mass shootings whereas in March of this year we had a whopping 45. If the lefty media is correct, “angry Trump-lovin’ white men” have been busy beavers. 


For this article I’m using the same definition used by the Gun Violence Archive: four or more people shot, not including the shooter, in a fluid situation. This can include drive-by shootings, gunfights between gangs, or two or more shooters redecorating a bar. 


The race-obsessed liberal press has long pushed the belief that white guys in pickup trucks are cloaking themselves in Trump flags and mowing down former workmates with illegally purchased Terminator street-sweepers with optional bazookas. This wasn’t the case in March 2021 (nor in January or February for that matter), but you wouldn’t know it because the media has two serious serious rules when it comes to reporting mass shootings: if the person pumping lead is white or Muslim, run with it. If the gunman is black, you must hold back. 


We had 45 mass shootings in March. Sixty-six people were killed and 175 were injured. The deadliest shooting was in Boulder, Colo., where a Muslim male killed 10 and injured one. The shooting with the most victims was in Chicago, where two died and 13 were wounded. 

Illinois scattered mad brass with six mass shootings; Texans shot their way into 2nd place with five. California and Pennsylvania tied with four each. 

Whereas most of the shootings took place in larger cities (Chicago had five, Philly had three, Washington, D.C., Houston and Philly had two each), small towns had some perforations as well. Four out of Chamita, New Mexico’s, 870 residents took a bullet in a meth deal gone bad. 

It’s impossible to learn the identity of every shooter. Some will never be caught, much less ID’d in the news. Many of the shootings had more than one shooter. In Gresham, Ore., two shooters of different races worked together in multi-cultural harmony to blaze up a motel. The most popular venue to spread lead in March was at “pop-up” parties, which are illegal bashes that “pop up” in a place normally used for something else. Auto repair garage by day, illegal party venue/shooting range by night. There were two pop-up shootings in Chicago, one in Brooklyn and one in Philly.


Of the 45 mass shootings, I was only able to positively ascertain the sex and race of the blazers in 20 shootings. Twelve of the shootings were committed by black gunmen and one by a black gunwoman. Five shootings were committed by Hispanic males. 

The shooting we heard the most about was the one white, male mass shooting in March. A man we won’t name wounded one person and killed 10 others in a “massage” spa in Acworth, Ga. Eight of the dead were Korean female sex workers, as well as one Hispanic male and one white male. The left bombarded us with the “angry white supremacist” narrative, even though the shooter stated that his crimes were sex, not race-related, and gently pointed out that he killed two people who weren’t Asian. CNN couldn’t accept that and doubled down on their big bad white supremacist theory.


For some of the shootings, I have listed the “likely” race of the shooter. This is based largely on demographic city information and the race of known victims. Example: If eight people were shot in a neighborhood that is 93% black, all identified victims are black (and no MAGA hats are recovered), it would strongly suggest the shooter is black. Also, if a white guy shot eight black people, Don Lemon would be unable to contain his glee and you’d hear about it—again and again and again,… 



30.5 black or likely black shootings (67.7%)

7.5 Hispanic or likely Hispanic shootings (16.6%)

2 white or likely white shootings (4.4%)

1 Muslim (2.2%)

4  too little info to make a call (8.8%)

(Reminder: one shooting had two shooters, one black and one Hispanic)

Mass shootings in March don’t fit the liberal narrative, but Rachel Maddow is still pushing it, hoping for it to be true. Soon. Hopefully next month Rach.

(Sources: Gun Violence Archive, Legacy.com, and HeyJackass. Demographic information on neighborhoods comes from multiple sources.)



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