The Great Betrayal

Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

Our own Department of Defense and other United States government agencies gave millions of dollars to a charity that funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was in part used for research to genetically manipulate coronaviruses to be communicable among humans. Through review of the evidence, Dr. Charles B. Simone, a leading immunologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist, is among those asking serious questions about United States/People’s Republic of China (PRC) collaboration through the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I draw here from Dr. Simone’s trove of evidence. If hearings are held, Dr. Simone should be among those subpoenaed to testify.


The evidence increasingly points to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the origination point for COVID-19. PRC defector virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, author of “Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route,” explains that her research work at Hong Kong University revealed that COVID-19 was developed as a bioweapon under the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army. She explained on a British talk show and on “Tucker Carlson Today that COVID-19 has characteristics “inconsistent” with a naturally occurring virus. She believes it is the product of human manipulation, whereby virulent agents from other deadly viruses were engineered to be part of COVID-19.

Adam Housley and Red State Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reveal that the Defense Intelligence Agency has obtained damning evidence from another, high-ranking PRC defector. According to them, the defector verifies the existence of China’s bioweapons program

Undoubtedly, certain American government players and their collaborators knew or should have known whether the Wuhan Institute was fast at work on a bioweapon and if funding from our government and support from our scientists might hasten that eventuality. If it’s determined that the COVID-19 virus was in fact created as a bioweapon, those individuals would be traitors or at least instrumental in the greatest betrayal of the United States since Major General Benedict Arnold became an agent of the British in the Revolutionary War. Ferreting them out and prosecuting them ought to be a number one national security priority.


It is hard to believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci was oblivious to the risks associated with the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute. He knew the Institute’s modest Level-2 Biosafety protocol was inadequate (Level 2 is for work with agents that pose a “moderate hazard” to humans); was aware the original SARS virus arose from the Beijing Institute of Virology due in no small measure to the inadequacy of its Level 2 protocols; and was aware virologist Dr. Shi Zheng-Li was beholden to, and an agent of, the CCP and PLA. 

Dr. Fauci gave a speech in which he “predicted” the pandemic at Georgetown University Medical Center on January 10, 2017, ten days before President Trump was inaugurated.  In his speech, “Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration,” Fauci warned that Americans should expect a “surprise outbreak” during the Trump administration. He said: “There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases. There will be a surprise outbreak.” Rather than recommend immediate action to avert that crisis, Fauci authorized another $5.96 million for the Wuhan Institute through EcoHealth Alliance in December of that year.

Efforts by scientists to detect any instance of bat or other animal propagation of the novel coronavirus have thus far failed, casting doubt upon Dr. Fauci’s beloved “natural origins” theory. Moreover, Housley and Van Laar report that information supplied to DIA by the Chinese government defector is viewed as highly credible and has led to a crisis of confidence in Fauci. 


Curiously no one calls out Fauci for his conflicts of interest. Why should he presume himself unbiased when he authorized funding for the Wuhan Institute and possesses patents germane to gain-of-function manipulation of the virus?

The facts reveal a long association between United States government officials and scientists and the Wuhan Institute, aided by Dr. Fauci and select private actors (like Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina and Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance). Wittingly or unwittingly they may have been used by Dr. Shi Zheng-Li and the CCP to build a COVID-19 bioweapon. Gaining the trust of adversaries, exploiting the relationship to China’s advantage, and then using the products of that exploitation to defeat the adversaries is the playbook for China’s quest to achieve global domination. The process is well explained in Michael Pillsbury’s book, The Hundred-Year Marathon.

At least since 2014, our government has funded Dr. Shi Zheng-Li’s Wuhan bat virus research. We are asked to believe it did so to prevent future pandemics. The NIH (and Dr. Fauci) sent Dr. Li and the Wuhan lab $3.57 million in 2014 for virus bat research and another $3.57 million thereafter for additional research, apparently including “gain-of-function” research (to enable the virus to be communicable among humans). They did so, purportedly, to discover, ultimately, how the virus could be countered. It is very hard to believe that highly educated scientists did not comprehend the profound illogic, indeed grave health and national security risk, of giving an avowed enemy of the United States the wherewithal to create a bioweapon. Everyone knew the funding and research support was going to an entity over which the United States had no control, but over which the CCP and PLA exercised total control. 


Between 2013 and 2020, DOD gave tens of millions of dollars to EcoHealth Alliance which was then collaborating with the Wuhan Institute. EcoHealth Alliance gave part of that money to the Wuhan Institute. Who at DOD was responsible for that decision? On what basis did he, she, or they act? Was the basis of the assumption that giving our avowed enemy the wherewithal to create a bioweapon was the best way to guard against a bioweapon?

On October 16, 2014, the Obama administration halted the gain-of-function research funding apparently because of fear that it could lead to a pandemic. But a loophole was inserted for the SARS virus: “The funding pause will not apply to the characterization or testing of naturally occurring influenza, MERS, and SARS viruses unless there is a reasonable expectation that these tests would increase transmissibility and pathogenicity.” Who inserted that loophole? It permitted DOD to continue funding the Wuhan Institute. Then on January 9, 2017, the Obama administration did an about-face, inexplicably resuming funding. What changed? 

In April of 2020, at the direction of President Trump, NIH ordered EcoHealth to stop all Wuhan Institute funding. The shortfall was more than made up by EcoHealth Alliance. Each year since 2018 EcoHealth received millions from DOD, DHS, and USAID in addition to an apparently contumacious continuation of funding for the Wuhan Institute from NIH (against Trump administration orders) in August 2020. Who is responsible for circumventing the president’s order?

While enormous outlays were pumped by U.S. departments and agencies and non-profit collaborators into the Wuhan Institute, opportunists obtained patents germane to the research, enabling them to capitalize on it (among them, Dr. Fauci) and on vaccines for the virus. How many of those implicated obtained patents related to COVID-19 and the vaccines?


From 2002 to 2020, CDC, NIH, and Dr. Ralph Baric obtained patents associated with coronavirus research, including vaccine research. Have they profited from the patents? Will they? On December 12, 2019, the NIAID, the NIH, FDA, and CDC transferred to Ralph Baric, Ph.D. “mRNA coronavirus vaccine . . . developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna” to make coronavirus vaccines. Making this mRNA construct must have taken weeks if not months, long before a few Wuhan scientists developed flu-like symptoms in November 2019, and even longer before the first U.S. COVID reported case on January 21, 2020. Why did NIAID and Moderna make this specific COVID-19 mRNA construct before anyone exhibited a COVID-19 infection?

It appears likely that lax biosafety protocols resulted in the release of the virus into Wuhan’s general population somewhere around October or November of 2019. The PRC then suppressed word of that release, even secreting individuals out of Wuhan who alerted others to the contagion and likely incarcerating or killing some of those. Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a direct victim of that suppression and knows of others silenced. 

In October 2019, some 92 people were hospitalized in Hubei Province with flu-like symptoms. In November 2019, three individuals from the Wuhan Institute reported flu-like symptoms. The virus spread in and near Wuhan with the communist government blocking internal travel in January of 2020. Meanwhile, the WHO reiterated the CCP narrative, that the very virus being transmitted person-to-person in Wuhan was actually not transmissible person-to-person, but only by animal to human, lulling the world into a false sense of security. 


Although in January of 2020 the CCP stopped all domestic travel to and from Wuhan, it left open all international flights to and from Wuhan, thus causing the virus to spread worldwide. The CCP had full knowledge of the virus’s deadly nature (as it ravaged Wuhan). In mid-March of 2020, Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, quoted CCP leaders as threatening to withhold export of all antibiotics to the United States, to cause America to be plunged “into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

On May 26, 2020, Dr. Shi Zheng-Li announced that COVID-19 was just the “tip of the iceberg,” suggesting her research would yield more bioweapons in the future.

On May 25, 2021, the U.S. Senate voted for an amendment submitted by Senator Rand Paul banning all funding for gain-of-function research in China–a crucial step in the right direction. We need FBI and congressional investigations of each person involved, starting with Dr. Fauci but not ending with him. We need to know who betrayed our country. The public needs to know who is responsible, what they knew about the relative risks, and what, if anything, they gained (or will gain) from their involvement. We need to hold those responsible to account under all applicable laws. We also need to hold China to account for the lost lives and the economic injury suffered. But that too is not enough. We need to develop a comprehensive economic and military counterstrategy to neutralize the China threat and prevent future bioweapons. The CCP means to destroy us, and we must disable the CCP to prevent that happenstance. Nearly four million people have lost their lives. The days of reckoning are long overdue.





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