'The Bachelorette's' Lee Garrett Finds Himself on the Wrong Side of the SJW Mobs

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The new season of The Bachelorette is being hailed as a leap forward for diversity. Rachel Lindsay, the new Bachelorette, is the popular show’s first African-American lead. Heroically, ABC is no longer excluding people of color from the reality show that’s focused on the objectification of women (and men) and the degradation of marriage. Truly, the leaders of the 20th century civil rights movement would be proud.


SJWs, of course, are beside themselves with this new day in racial healing. The Bachelorette casting an African-American in the lead is “historic” according to E! News. HuffPost “helpfully” breaks down the diversity by pointing out that, “At first glance, the cast of 31 appears to include 14 men of color ― including 11 black men ― as prospects for its first black Bachelorette.” Predictably, and as an exercise in virtue signaling, the title of the HuffPost article is “‘The Bachelorette’ Unveils Its Most Diverse Cast Yet.”

Of course, The Bachelorette’s newfound applause from SJWs comes with a price. As ABC is learning, when a group of SJWs is paying attention to anything, it doesn’t take them long to become triggered. And, without missing a beat, the SJW mob is sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches as they narrow their eyes into triggered, angry glares while they watch The Bachelorette. With the assumption that they will find many more things to be triggered over, SJWs are currently calling for the dismissal of contestant Lee Garrett over a few of his past tweets.

For the record, I’m not defending, much less condoning, Lee Garrett’s tweets. I’m also not condemning the man over his tweets, because, like most tweets, they are lacking in any actual content. For example, Garrett’s offending tweets include things like, “Hillary Clinton would be a Westernized Kim Jung Un,” and “Never trust a female liberal or a man that owns cats.” (His Twitter account has since been locked down.)


Some of Garrett’s more eye-rolling tweets are cheap shots at Black Lives Matter and a distasteful tweet declaring, “I wholeheartedly support the inhumane torture of terrorists.”

Now, here’s the thing. As a Christian, I’m opposed to inhumane anything because humans, even terrorists, are made in the Image of God. Degrading the Image is, well, degrading the Creator, too. But that’s neither here nor there in reference to the current SJW created brouhaha. What is relevant is that even though I personally disagree with some of his tweets, including the one about men who own cats, I do not wish to see Lee Garrett kicked off The Bachelorette.

According to SJWs, however, Garrett’s tweets are violent acts that deserve a harsh penalty. They won’t rest until his life is ruined and he is forced to pay a lifetime of penance to the leftist god of identity politics. Which, to be honest, seems a little racist of the SJWs.

If Lee Garrett truly is a despicable human being, and maybe he is, why not trust Rachel Lindsay to discover that for herself? Isn’t it part of the point of the show that the lead makes her decision based on what she discovers about her suitors and how she responds, intellectually and emotionally? I mean, why hail the newfound diversity of The Bachelorette only to come to the rescue of Lindsay? From my vantage point, the SJW outrage appears to be a confession that they don’t believe that an African-American woman is capable of weeding out the undesirable suitors from the desirable suitors. Similar to how the SJW racists in Portland deigned to speak for an entire country while forcing a taco truck to close.


Our current fascination with punishing people who express differing opinions than those approved by the ever-shifting status quo is highly troubling. When the mob is allowed to exert pressure on employers to fire people who violate the mob’s ill-defined rules, we’re all in trouble. The fascists win.

For the record, I’m as opposed to the mob-directed firing of Kathy Griffin and the rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask as I am the inevitable firing of Lee Garrett.

Lee Garrett is a cast member on a show that features a revolving door of uninteresting and easily forgettable characters. His tweeting peccadillos could actually lead to some interesting discussions between himself and Lindsay on the show. Sadly, discussion is not allowed in the SJWs’ desired brave new world. Swift punishment is to be doled out for all rhetorical offenses. For myself and those like me who do not become emotionally undone by being offended, we want to live in a world where people who disagree with us are free to say so without worrying about the repercussions.


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