Ex-MI6 Chief Says COVID-19 Probably Came from a Lab

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Did COVID-19 escape from a lab?

And is it really such a crazy conspiracy theory to ask that question? After all, the first reported COVID death in January 2020 was in Wuhan, China, which is home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Wuhan “wet market” that the Chinese Communist Party blames for the outbreak is just a few blocks away. What if this pandemic wasn’t actually caused by somebody getting a bad bowl of bat soup? What if the past year of your life didn’t really happen because somebody on another continent ate a pangolin, whatever that is?


Is it really so farfetched to speculate that the notoriously secretive and dishonest CCP was trying to develop a weaponized virus, it escaped the lab somehow, and then they covered up the outbreak? Is that theory any less likely than the one about imported frozen food from the U.S. and Europe causing the pandemic, as the CCP has actually tried to claim? Why in the world would anybody ever trust the government of China?

If you can only see the world as being divided into Trump or Not Trump, then the lab-leak hypothesis is obviously false because Trump said it might be true. Or, perhaps you’re employed by a venerable media institution that’s now collapsing, and Chinese money is the only thing propping it up, and you’re afraid your career will be ruined if you pursue this legitimate news story. Or it could be that you hate Uyghurs for whatever reason, and you’re a big fan of China for systematically wiping them out of existence. Or maybe you’re just a plain old idiot. Or maybe all of the above.

Fortunately, not everybody is so incurious and/or dishonest. And not all of them are dumb rednecks you can easily dismiss. Will Taylor, LBC:

Coronavirus was more likely to have escaped from a lab than to have come from an animal, the former head of MI6 has told LBC.

Sir Richard Dearlove said aspects of the virus “point in the direction of it being somewhat tailored” though he warned this may never be proven…

Sir Richard, who headed up the spy agency between 1999 and 2004, told Tom the World Health Organisation’s report, which said a lab leak was highly unlikely but further work was needed, was a “farcical investigation”…

He alleged that Chinese influence was hindering the publication of scientific articles on the matter.


You can watch the interview at the link. Sir Richard doesn’t seem like a tinfoil-hatted kook to me, but maybe that makes me a tinfoil-hatted kook. Maybe it’s the British accent, but he seems quite evenhanded and reasonable about the whole thing. Sure, he’s a spy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lying about this.

We may never have ironclad proof that this virus originated in a lab, but I see absolutely no reason to trust the Chinese government about it, or about anything else. If they tell me something didn’t happen, then it’s distinctly possible that it did.

Now that these vaccines are finally starting to clean up China’s mess and we’re getting back to normal, I assume everybody will just move on. We’ll all learn exactly the wrong lesson from it. That’s the history of the world. That’s what human beings are all about.

In other coronavirus news, look who’s back to blaming you for killing your grandparents:

“You guys can’t kill your grandmas. That’s MY job!” He knows nobody can drive him out of office if he doesn’t wanna go, so he’ll just say whatever he wants. He gropes women, and it’s their fault for complaining. He kills thousands of nursing home residents, and it’s your fault for not getting vaccinated. The testicoli on this guy, huh?



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