Politico: Most of the Kids Going Back to School Are White, and That's a Problem

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As Americans cautiously emerge from our COVID-safe caves after a full year of tooth-grinding paranoia and panic — and as Democrats and their enablers do everything they can to distract us from the fact that Operation Warp Speed happened during the term of Bad Orange Man, which is just the reality whether you like him or not — some welcome signs of life are returning to our society. People are going back to restaurants and movie theaters and sporting events. Glenn Close can do “Da Butt” in a roomful of cheering onlookers during the Oscars, not alone in her mansion on a Zoom call. And to the relief of parents everywhere, kids are going back to school.


You probably thought kids returning to school was a good thing, didn’t you? You thought a return to normalcy was… well, normal. But I’ll bet you didn’t even realize that holding such a privileged opinion makes you a racist. You are a problem.

Juan Perez Jr. and Natasha Korecki, Politico:

President Joe Biden is on the verge of meeting his 100-day pledge to press the majority of American schools into reopening for five days of weekly in-person instruction. But there’s a problem. Most of the kids returning to classes are white.

Minority students are most likely to be missing out on in-person learning, despite assurances of classroom safety under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and outreach by local and state school districts…

Eighty percent of public schools were open for at least some in-person learning by the end of February, according to a government survey, but an estimated 78 percent of Asian eighth-graders were learning in a fully remote environment. Nearly 60 percent of Black and Hispanic eighth-graders also learned at home full time.

That’s despite a White House-led push to inoculate millions of educators against Covid-19; the Biden administration’s close relationships with national teachers’ unions; a growing number of reopening schools and signs of public optimism about a return to normal classes this fall. A central concern is that families of color are choosing to opt out.


You see how that works? “Families of color” (all families are one color or another, and sometimes more than one color, but whatever) are opting out, and that’s why it’s bad that white kids are going back to school.

Somehow it’s the white kids’ fault. How does that work, exactly? Are white kids in charge of the teachers’ unions that have been dragging their feet on reopening? Are white kids making “parents of color” paranoid about sending their kids back to school? Can we just blame this whole thing on those evil white kids?

When I was a white kid in school, I had my hands full just trying to get through the day without getting shoved into a locker by another white kid. Nobody told me I was in charge of the whole system just because of the color of the skin I was born in.

Putting aside how stupid it is to blame white children for something they can’t control, 73% of the population of the U.S. is white. Most of the Americans doing any particular thing on any particular day are probably going to be white. That’s just how math works.

It’s not racist for white kids to go back to school. It’s not racist for white parents to want what’s best for their kids. White people are just like everybody else, ya know.


How is it that “anti-racism” always turns out to be super-racism? The people who scold us the loudest about bigotry are always the biggest bigots. And they only talk to each other, so they don’t realize how insane they sound to the rest of us.

Personally, I’m happy for all the kids who are going back to school. Even the white ones. I hope they grow up to be smarter than the people blaming them for everything.


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