Wife of Boston Marathon Hero Claims Biden Groped Her

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Remember #MeToo? The Democrats don’t. They’ve willfully forgotten it. The wave of accusations and ruined careers that followed the downfall of Harvey Weinstein in 2017 abruptly ended earlier this year, the minute Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Suddenly, all the people who had been scolding us to #BelieveWomen were scolding us to #BelieveWomenExceptHER. They did everything they could to destroy Reade. Even Alyssa Milano, widely credited with starting the #MeToo movement, turned her back on an accuser to stand with Biden. The Dems proved, to anyone who still had a doubt, that they don’t give a damn about women.


There’s no shortage of evidence that Biden is a creep to women, but this next story is still nauseating. Jerry Dunleavy and Joseph Simonson, Washington Examiner:

The wife of a Massachusetts transit police officer who was injured in the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers accused Joe Biden of touching her inappropriately and making a suggestive comment in 2014.

In two Facebook posts, one of which has since been deleted, Kim Donohue alleged that during a remembrance ceremony in Boston, a year after the April 2013 deadly bombing, then-Vice President Biden began “rubbing” her lower back.

“Look at those eyes, where did you get those eyes?” Donohue wrote. “Anyone else as good looking as you in that family … those eyes are mesmerizing, people must just do whatever you say…”

When reached for comment, Kim Donohue confirmed making the accusations against Biden but would not discuss them further.

Can you blame her? No matter what she says now, she’ll be excoriated by one side or the other.

Put yourself in this woman’s shoes: Your husband was critically injured while tracking down the Boston Marathon bombers. He survived and now he’s an American hero. It’s a year later, and you’re at a remembrance ceremony with the vice president of the United States.


Who starts hitting on you.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? He can’t even keep his hands off the wife of a guy who nearly died trying to stop those terrorists?

I just have a few questions for Democrats: If you cite Trump’s treatment of women as a reason not to vote for him, are you voting for Biden? If so, how do you rationalize his treatment of women? Are you really outraged about a gropey old white guy in the White House, or do you just want your own gropey old white guy in the White House?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. People can and will rationalize anything.

In the unlikely event that any “journalists” want to ask Biden about this, they’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or…

Then they’ll get to work defaming this woman, just like they defamed Tara Reade. Why would she make this story up? Are all the other women with similar stories about Biden making it up? Doesn’t matter.

It’s more probable that our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press will just ignore this story. Biden is the nominee and they’re stuck with him. They desperately want to get rid of Trump, and this dirtbag is their only chance. They know what he is, and they know they’re hypocrites for supporting him. They tell themselves they have no choice, because otherwise the cognitive dissonance is too painful to bear.


And now they’ll yell at me for reminding them. That’s what they do.

I believe the women who accuse Joe Biden of sexual misconduct. I also believe the women who accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. If you need to make excuses for one or the other in order to preserve your worldview, I don’t envy you.


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