DNC Headliner Bill Clinton Photographed Getting Neck Massage from Epstein Victim

AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, File

Tonight’s headline speaker at the zombie coronation of Joe Biden 2020 Democratic National Convention is William Jefferson Clinton. You may remember Clinton’s work in the ’90s as an adult performer, and I think his wife is in the news sometimes too. So that should be a really exciting speech to not watch tonight. Oh, and coincidentally enough, this news about Bill Clinton just broke!


Cheyenne Roundtree at the Daily Mail explains what happened here:

In the photos, the former President sits comfortably and laughs as Chauntae Davies, then a 22-year-old massage therapist who acted as Epstein’s personal masseuse, rubs her hands into his shoulders to get out the kinks in his neck.

Clinton, then 56, had complained of having a stiff neck after falling asleep on Epstein’s infamous private jet, nicknamed The Lolita Express, while on a humanitarian trip with the pedophile to Africa in September of 2002…

After [Epstein enabler Ghislaine] Maxwell’s insistence, Clinton asked the twenty-something: ‘Would you mind giving it a crack?’

But don’t get the wrong idea here. Davies, who claims Epstein raped her several times, says Clinton was a “perfect gentleman” and didn’t so much as request a Lewinsky from her. According to her, his neck was the only body part she rubbed. So it’s entirely possible that Clinton didn’t do anything untoward with the much younger woman, during one of the many trips he took with the notorious pedophile and rapist.

(And yes, I know, Donald Trump was friends with Epstein too. If there are photos of Trump getting a massage from an Epstein accuser during a trip to Pedophile Island or anywhere else, I assume we’ll be seeing them sooner rather than later. You won’t hear me complaining.)


Speaking of disturbing photographic evidence of suspicious activity: I missed the first night of the “convention,” or whatever they’re calling this COVID-era event where nobody’s in the same room. The DNC is now the DZC: Desultory Zoom Call. The days of Hillary clapping along while everybody did the Macarena are long gone. But thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we can all enjoy the closing moments of the “ceremony.” It’s unlike anything ever before shown during a political convention, or anywhere else outside of late-night cable access television:

The aesthetic here is familiar to fans of Tim & Eric, myself included. “If I could travel in time sometime…” So I’m glad the genre is getting a wider audience. And to give you an idea how current that song is, it was released when Joe Biden was still attending the Syracuse University College of Law. (Which he once called “the biggest bore in the world.” Presumably that was before he met Barack Obama.) But putting aside the video presentation and the shopworn material, Billy Porter is a terrific singer and whatever you think of him is exactly what he wants you to think of him.


As for Porter’s histrionics… hey, you try pretending to get excited about a mentally deteriorating 77-year-old with a history of racist outbursts. Gotta spice it up, man.

Maybe this will inspire Bill Clinton to break out his saxophone and treat us to a song tonight. If he’s taking requests, I’d love to hear his rendition of “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. The lyrics sum up Bill’s relationship with Hillary: “To be a true player you have to know how to play / If she say ‘a night,’ convince her, say ‘a day’…” Keep gaslighting us all, Bill!


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