City of New York Paints 'Black Lives Matter' Mural Outside Trump Tower

The list of reasons George Floyd was killed just keeps growing and growing. First it was blamed on a lack of police reform, which seemed reasonable. But it didn’t stop there. Now, lots of things that liberals have always hated are to blame for that man’s death. Confederate monuments, or any other monument to any other dead white guy, up to and including Abraham Lincoln. White actors playing fictional characters who are African-American. TV shows about police officers. The word “master,” as in “master bedroom” or “Mastercard.” All sorts of stuff that has never bothered a normal person is now responsible for a multiracial group of Minnesota cops killing a black guy. Everything except, y’know, the actual killers.


Now we can add another reason to the list: the lack of a #BlackLivesMatter mural outside Trump Tower.

Jonathan Dienst, Melissa Russo and Hilary Weissman, WNBC:

New York City will start painting “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue directly in front of Trump Tower on Thursday, picking up a delayed project that President Trump blasted as a “symbol of hate.”

City workers began closing the street Thursday morning and Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to take part in the mural some time Thursday afternoon, sources tell NBC New York…

There is no ‘symbol of hate’ here. Just a commitment to truth,” the mayor wrote. “Only in your mind could an affirmation of people’s value be a scary thing.”

Just think: If they had done this two months ago, George Floyd would still be alive.

Sixty-four people were shot in New York City last weekend. Hundreds of NYC cops are quitting. Over 22,000 New Yorkers have been killed by COVID-19 the Chinese virus. And this is what the mayor is doing. This is how New Yorkers’ taxes are being spent.


How does this help anybody? How does this fix anything? It doesn’t. It’s not supposed to. That’s not the point. It’s being done out of pure spite. If Bill de Blasio can’t solve any of New York City’s problems — and he can’t — at least he can troll the president of the United States. It makes Trump angry, so it’s good. It #OwnsTheCons, it gives libs an endorphin rush, so they cheer it on.

Is such a mural a “symbol of hatred”? I wouldn’t go that far. But for an organization called Black Lives Matter, they sure don’t care about any of the black people who have been killed in the civil unrest these “protesters” have caused. I’m not seeing any nationally televised funerals for the black children being gunned down in New York and Chicago and so many other Democrat-run cities. The only black lives that seem to matter are the ones that can be exploited for political purposes.

By the way, those Trump supporters in Martinez, CA who painted over a BLM mural have been charged with a hate crime. After months of chaos, Democrats have finally found an act of vandalism they won’t applaud.


Update: And away we go. Racism is vanquished!


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