Apparently the Virus Is Over: Patrons Pack Colorado Restaurant

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A lot of people had to spend Mother’s Day away from their moms, and it was tough. Not fun. It’s been two solid months of this crap now — so much for “15 Days to Slow the Spread” — and we’re all sick of it. Being away from the people we love, doing the things we used to do, is really hard. Restaurants and the rest of the hospitality industry are in big trouble. It’s grim, and there doesn’t seem to be a good way out of it. But I’m not sure the scene you’re about to see, shot in a Colorado restaurant, is the best way to fight back.



Nick Puckett, Colorado Community Media:

A Castle Rock restaurant reopened its doors to full dine-in service May 10, allowing dozens of customers inside despite public health orders put in place in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

C&C Coffee and Kitchen, a breakfast and Korean kitchen… had a line out the door about 10 a.m. Mother’s Day. Families of all sizes filed in past a “bouncer” with a visible sidearm. Every seat was taken as folks dined in. The floor was packed with people standing, waiting for coffee or take-out orders. One person could be seen wearing a mask inside the building.

“I expected it to be busy. I never expected this,” owner April Arellano said. “I’m so happy so many people came out to support the Constitution and stand up for what is right. We did our time. We did our two weeks. We did more than two weeks…and we were failing. We had to do something.”

I guess I’m a cuck libtard Social Distance Warrior, because this seems like a really bad idea. People going outside and keeping their distance from each other in a park or on a beach is one thing. This is another.

Yes, this virus is killing the restaurant industry. Yes, they need the business. Also, this is exactly the kind of environment where the virus spreads. A bunch of people crowded into the same indoor space. Almost no masks. Breathing the same air, touching the same surfaces. The tightly packed environment of New York City spread this virus throughout America, and places like this are the same thing. It’s an incubator.


Arresting a guy for standing alone on a beach is overkill. Filling a skate park with tons of sand is dumb. Jailing the owner of a salon for reopening, while taking every possible precaution, is insane. A lot of the new rules at the state and local level are ridiculous, and it’s impossible to lock the whole country down. But this isn’t good either.

Compare that to something like this:

This seems like a good compromise. You still have your liberty, without potentially infringing on anybody else’s liberty. Get the economy going again, while mitigating the risk. That’s how we pull ourselves out of this, right?

But hey, if I’m wrong and none of those people at that restaurant in Colorado get sick, feel free to come back in two weeks and remind me I said this. I hope I am wrong. But as we all learned from the Obama administration, hope ain’t a plan.

On the other hand, it’ll be interesting to see how the liberal media reacts to scenes like this. Colorado’s governor is a Democrat, so they have to protect him. They’ll find somebody else to blame, as they keep doing in New York.

And I doubt anybody will show up at this restaurant dressed as the Grim Reaper, like that Dem idiot on that Florida beach. That guy was in almost no danger of getting the virus, because it was outdoors and everybody was social distancing. In a place like this crowded restaurant, he could actually get sick.


This is the United States of America. If you have no instinct for self-preservation or the foresight to worry about endangering those around you, I can’t make you smarter or more responsible. All I can do is shake my head. But I’m not going to scream bloody murder at you. Do what you’re gonna do. Maybe it’s best to just get this over with. Rip off the Band-Aid. I wasn’t a big fan of society anyway.


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