GOP Challenger Joe Walsh Explains Bad Tweets: 'I Don't Know My Twitter Feed'

(AP Photo/Daily Herald, Mark Black)

I don’t mean to pick on Joe Walsh, but he’s making it very, very easy.

Philip Wegmann at Real Clear Politics just interviewed Walsh, and he’s got a novel explanation for anything he’s said publicly on Twitter that anybody might not like:


[Walsh’s] allegiance to Trump was frayed all along, he insists, and while he tried the good-Trump/bad-Trump routine on his radio show, alternatively supporting and then criticizing, it all came to an end when the president sat with Russia’s president in Helsinki last year…

So why was Walsh still sharing pro-Trump memes as late as October 2018?

“I don’t know my Twitter feed,” he explained, noting that he probably shared similar content on social media as recently as a couple months ago.

“I don’t know my Twitter feed.”


Say what you want about Trump, but he definitely knows his Twitter feed. You can always tell when one of his aides has wrestled the phone away from him to tweet something, because it just doesn’t sound like him. His voice is unmistakable.

Okay, so… first Joe Walsh didn’t know what he was saying when he read from Borat’s teleprompter and endorsed giving guns to 4-year-olds. Now Joe Walsh tells us he didn’t know what he was saying when he tweeted a whole lot of crazy stuff, and when he staunchly supported the guy he now says is the worst president ever. I’m starting to think maybe Joe Walsh doesn’t know much of anything at all.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a good tweet from somebody who probably knows his own Twitter feed:


That’s basically it, right? I’m supposed to just dismiss all the dumb stuff Walsh has said, because at least he’s not Trump. Just like I was supposed to dismiss all the dumb stuff Trump said in 2016, because at least he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. If that argument didn’t convince me then, why should it convince me now?

The only difference is that Walsh has made a tepid, dubious apology for all the garbage he’s spewed. Okay, good for him, I guess?

It’s moot anyway. Walsh isn’t going anywhere with this. I almost feel bad for anybody who’s desperate enough to present this clown as an alternative. I don’t even like Trump, and I can’t help but scoff at the people who hate him this much.

(Hat tip: Jerry Dunleavy)



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