GOP Challenger Joe Walsh Got Duped by Borat, Endorsed Giving Guns to American Toddlers

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Earlier this week, former congressman and former MAGA-head Joe Walsh announced that he was challenging Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020. Which is weird, because in 2016, Walsh was one of the guys yelling at cuck RINO traitors like me, who refused to vote for Trump because we probably wanted Hillary to get elected. Back then, Walsh was saying stuff like, “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket.” He was all in. But apparently, riding proudly on the Trump Train didn’t get Walsh the TV time he wanted, so now he’s jumped off. Now he says Trump is the worst president ever and blah blah blah.


If you hate Trump so much that you can’t think about anyone or anything else, maybe Walsh looks like a good alternative. But he sure does bring a lot of baggage with him. Walsh has said a whole bunch of stupid crap over the years, and this latest item might be the most amusing yet.

Aaron Blake, WaPo:

Newly minted presidential candidate Joe Walsh this week falsely denied he had endorsed the arming of small American children on tape.

Walsh, a former one-term congressman from Illinois who is challenging President Trump in the Republican primaries, was shown on comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2018 Showtime show “Who Is America?” extolling the virtues of a program that would arm children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

Walsh claims that he only endorsed this “KinderGuardians” program, which is fake, because he thought it was for Israeli children only. He says he never endorsed bringing it to the United States.

Sacha Baron Cohen wants to correct the record:


“I endorse the KinderGuardians program for all schools in America. When armed guards and armed teachers have, God forbid, been taken out, why should children be left with absolutely no means of defending themselves? Never has an American generation been more equipped with the necessary hand-eye coordination to shoot. If a child can pull the trigger of a video-game controller or a Nerf gun, he can pull the trigger of an Uzi. It’s obvious. The intensive three-week KinderGuardian course introduces specially selected children from 12 to 4 years old to pistols, rifles, semi-automatics, and a rudimentary knowledge of mortars. In less than a month, a first grader can become a first grenader. Toddlers do not understand the consequences of their actions, meaning that, again, saving vital time, they will kill without hesitation, then kill again, until all the bad guys are gone. You know what? It’s pretty straightforward. When it comes to the safety of our children, the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good child with a gun. Happy shooting, kids.”

So Joe Walsh is a real-life Ron Burgundy. Anything you put on that teleprompter, he will read.

Remember that California gun-shop owner who took one look at Sacha Baron Cohen, disguised in a ridiculous wig and fake beard, and yelled, “Get the f*** outta here, Borat”? That guy was smarter than Joe Walsh.


Is it possible that Walsh doesn’t actually realize he’s running for president? Is he just reading from a script he doesn’t really understand?

I didn’t think Trump was the answer to Clinton, but I certainly don’t think Walsh is the answer to Trump. I don’t hate anybody enough to vote for that clown instead. Sorry, Bill Kristol.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)


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