VIDEO: Jussie Smollett Makes Sure Cops See Clothesline Around His Neck

Remember when you first heard of Jussie Smollett? And, at the same time you were learning of Jussie’s existence, remember how you were supposed to be ashamed to live in Trump’s America because of the horrible hate crime that was committed against Jussie by racist, homophobic, MAGA-clad psychos? Remember how angry you made your moral, ethical, and intellectual betters when you expressed the slightest doubts about Jussie’s story? And, when it turned out to be a hoax, remember all the apologies they gave you?


Just kidding about that last part, of course. They’ll never, ever admit they were wrong. Sure, Jussie might’ve made it all up, but we need to look at the bigger picture of racial and LGBTQ prejudice in America. It wasn’t factually true, but it was emotionally true. It was #FakeButAccurate.

So don’t expect Woke America to acknowledge just how ridiculous this latest news is. Alex Stedman and Gene Maddaus, Variety:

The Chicago Police Department released new surveillance footage and files in regards to the Jussie Smollett hoax case on Monday, including one that shows the “Empire” actor shortly after the alleged attack.

In one of the videos, police body-cam footage shows authorities entering Smollett’s Chicago apartment, led by his manager, Frank Gatson. Smollett is found by the officers with ropes strung around his neck, which he says were put on by the attackers. When officers ask him if he wants to take the rope off his neck, he does, but says he “just wanted you all to see it.”

Here’s the video. The insane part starts at around the 3:30 mark:

The officers were polite and professional. They didn’t laugh in Jussie’s face and tell him to stop wasting their time. They did everything right.


The rest was all Jussie. He did this to himself. It’s nobody’s fault but his own. And if you defended him, you shouldn’t be angry at the people who have now been completely vindicated. You should be angry at Jussie for humiliating you.

And just look at how well he was doing. What a great life he had. Most people would love be on TV and live in such an amazing apartment building. But it wasn’t enough for him. He threw it all away in a demented ploy for sympathy.

Hoaxes like this only make it tougher for actual victims to get justice. Shame on Jussie Smollett.


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