Beto: 'I Know I Was a Giant A**hole'

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

As Election 2020 keeps inching ever closer, Beto O’Rourke is trailing his younger, smarter, gayer rival Pete Buttigieg in the polls. The Dems only have room for one boring white guy under 50, and it ain’t Beto. (Could be worse. He could be Eric Swalwell.) Most of the smart, well-informed people have written Beto off, and so have I. But he might just get a big boost from tonight’s HBO premiere of Running with Beto, the documentary about his failed campaign to oust Ted Cruz. Or at least the movie can’t hurt him.



Marlow Stern, Daily Beast:

After Beto was narrowly defeated by Cruz, he delivered a concession speech in front of thousands of supporters in his backyard of El Paso, where he exclaimed, “I’m so f***ing proud of you guys.” Just prior to that, in the backstage area of the venue, [Running with Beto director David] Modigliani’s cameras caught Beto and his top staffers (as well as his teary-eyed wife, Amy) in an intimate huddle…

“I just feel very, very lucky, and I love you guys more than you’ll ever know,” he says. “I know I was a giant a**hole to be around sometimes, and you all never allowed my shortcomings to get in the way of running the best campaign this state has ever seen.”

It was a better campaign than all those campaigns that won? Okay, Beto, if you say so.

You can watch the clip of Beto saying that dumb thing at the Daily Beast. Or you can call him a giant a**hole anytime you want. Every day, fewer and fewer people are disagreeing with his self-assessment.

I know all the Trumpkins get mad when I say something true about Trump, but here’s another truth that they’ll like: There’s no way Beto O’Rourke could ever beat Trump. Not in a million years. Hell, Beto couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz!


At this point, I honestly don’t see how any of these clowns can beat that other clown. The Democrats are in trouble. They keep screwing up, which makes them even angrier than they were in the first place, which makes them screw up even worse, etc. They’re just a mess.

There’s only one person who can save them now. There’s only one way for the Dems to turn back the clock and undo 2016.

On second thought, never mind.



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