Antifa Takes Over Portland Streets Again as Mayor Wheeler Goes MIA

Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Ore., participates in a news conference. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Several videos have gone viral in the past few days showing anti-police thugs in Portland controlling street traffic with violent intimidation. On Saturday, violence erupted in Portland as they took to the streets to protest a police shooting. The protests involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem. In the videos, protesters scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands “white nationalists.”


Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away in rural southern Oregon, several Republican voters have received letters in the mail threatening that they will be shot. The letters have been forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.

On Sunday, the thugs poured into the streets of Portland again. Videos of the thuggery hit Twitter on Monday morning:

Local press documented the second video, seemingly taking the side of the protesters after the elderly driver was assaulted:

The driver has since been doxxed:


He has filed a police report:

Where have the police been throughout this?

Protesters are using any flash point event they can find as an excuse to rush the streets, assault drivers, create no-go zones reminiscent of European ghettos, order a mob to descend upon a 74-year-old man caught up in the wash, violate his privacy, encourage further violence against him, and generally turn a major American city into a lawless hellhole.

The police? Apparently, they were ordered to stand down:

Once again, Portland has made national news for all the wrong reasons. Mayor Ted Wheeler sympathizes with the protesters and refuses to deploy police. So this is what has become of a great city: property damage, violent assault, appeased thugs, infringed rights.


Portland is now Ground Zero for anarchists, Antifa, violent May Day protests, and every other form of Leftist violence. A year and a half ago, the Avenue of Roses parade was canceled over credible threats of violence because the parade allowed an entry by the local county Republican Party. A few months before that, the election of President Trump touched off violent protests that caused millions in property damage and the halting of Portland freeway traffic. Mayor Wheeler ordered police to stand down then, too.

Antifa has boasted that the police cannot control it. “Won’t” is more accurate.

The local Republican Party has found that it needed to take its security for meetings and events into its own hands. When seconds count, the police are controlled by Leftist hacks who don’t believe in equal protection.

Lest you think these activities are isolated to Portland, sadly, the rest of the state — which skews much more red than the I-5 corridor — is also seeing political discourse boil over into violence.

In Klamath County, near the border with California, several Republican voters have received letters in the mail threatening violence. Some letters even hint that they will be shot:


Local Republican officials said that the recipients of the letters have managed to get assistance from law enforcement, and believe the perpetrators will be caught. But the community is on edge over these clear threats of domestic terror.

We’ve entered a dangerous new world of anarchy, where law and order means less than choosing a side. The Civil War language continues to ramp up. Without trusted police protection, Oregon is devolving into to prison yard politics where joining a gang is a matter of survival.


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