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The Coming Ohio Election Mess

Left-wing organizations and Soros-funded lawyers have been busy making a mess in Ohio just in time for the Presidential election. They have been engaged in a multi-year litigation campaign to make it easier for Hillary Clinton to win the state this coming November. Unfortunately, their campaign has been largely successful. Important election integrity reforms implemented by the Ohio legislature and Secretary of State John Husted have been recently undone by multiple federal courts relying on dubious legal theories.

Whoever says voter fraud is a myth doesn’t know much about Ohio.

Just last month, Rebecca Hammond was charged with filing thirty-five fictional voter registration applications. An election in Lorain was invalidated because voter fraud made the difference in the outcome. Aliens are voting in Ohio elections. In 2008, Obama campaign volunteers such as Amy Little and Yolanda Hippensteele committed criminal voter fraud when they illegally voted in Ohio even though they lived elsewhere. And who can forget Cincinnati election official Meloweese Richardson who boasted she voted six times for President Obama and was treated as a hero by Ohio Democrats when she was released from jail?

Meloweese Richardson

Meloweese Richardson

Criminal voter fraud in Ohio helps Democrats win elections, and Democrats know it. That’s why they are pouring millions into overturning election integrity laws in the federal courts. The laws enacted in Ohio were specifically designed to stop election gangsters like Little, Hippensteele and Richardson.

Without winning Ohio, the Left cannot retain power over the executive branch in November. That’s why Democrats are fighting so hard in court to strike these election reforms down. That’s why they’ve brought so many lawsuits, to undo the efforts of Secretary Husted and the Ohio legislature to stop the gangsters.

As a result, a mess may come this November.

In Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless v. Husted, the left, including the SEIU, attacked Ohio’s efforts to make sure only those actually registered to vote may cast ballots. Ohio required that anyone casting a provisional ballot had to verify their identity by filing out a form and even gave the voter seven days to prove they were eligible to vote instead of the previous ten days. It also prohibited poll officials like Meloweese Richardson from casting ballots for voters unless the voter made clear they were disabled or illiterate.

Federal Judge Algenon Marbley ruled that these requirements discriminate against black and homeless voters and therefore violate the Constitution and Voting Rights Act.

In response to the criminal activity that polluted the 2008 Presidential election, the Ohio legislature eliminated “Golden Week.” This was a window where a voter could register to vote and immediately cast a ballot. The problem was that there was no way to verify whether or not the registrants were really eligible to vote in Ohio. It turns out that multiple Obama campaign volunteers, including Amy Little and Yolanda Hippensteele, lived elsewhere but their votes for President Obama were cast and counted in Ohio instead of their respective homes of California and New York.

Both Hippensteele and Little entered guilty pleas to voter fraud.

As an aside, try to Google news coverage of the convictions of Obama campaign volunteers Yolanda Hippensteele and Amy Little. It won’t produce much, because most in the media ignored it entirely. The usual leftists in academia who cover elections and voter fraud deniers ignore the pair. In the meantime, you can read Hippensteele’s Twitter feed here to see that life is good, even if you are a convicted vote fraudster.

Yolanda Hippensteele (Twitter)

Yolanda Hippensteele (Twitter)

Here’s how it works. Democrats and their pals in law schools and at legacy news outlets roll an endless loop tape that “voter fraud is a myth.” When Democrats are convicted of voter fraud in a key swing state, it goes right down the memory hole. When government officials pass laws to remedy the problem, Democrats and their deep pocketed allies go to federal court to overturn the laws, claiming they discriminate against minorities.

The institutional Left knows that controlling election process rules is the first step to controlling policy. Conservatives and Republicans usually pay more attention to the policy, and not to the process. Ohio was a rare exception, and some sought to clean up the process. But now federal courts are undoing the cleaning and bringing back the mess just in time for November.

After the legislature eliminated Golden Week, a group with a name that must certainly be right out of Rules for Radicals – the Ohio Organizing Collaborative – sued in federal court claiming the elimination of Golden Week violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. they said blacks used Golden Week more than whites, so eliminating it was discrimination. The Ohio Democratic Party later joined the fun and asked the federal court to throw out the election integrity reforms passed in response to Little and Hippensteele’s 2008 voter fraud.

Amazingly, George W. Bush appointee Judge Michael H. Watson agreed with the Democrats and found that eliminating Golden Week was racially discriminatory and violated the Constitution. Watson used a radical new theory of the Voting Rights Act pushed by the Soros-funded left where any electoral change which has a disparate impact against racial minorities violates federal law.

Until an appeals court overturns Watson, more criminal vagabond Democrats like Little and Hippensteele are likely to visit Ohio during Golden Week 2.0. They’ll come again from places like New York, California and Maryland to convert their useless vote for President into something far more potent.

See how it works? Criminals exploit system, criminals cast illegal votes, law abiding officials fix problem, Democrats and so-called civil rights groups sue, federal judges restore old system, repeat.

To really turn Ohio into a mess, a third case was filed in April by the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, the Soros-funded DEMOS and the ACLU seeking to stop Ohio Secretary of State Husted from cleaning the voter rolls. Many counties in Ohio had more registered voters than people alive thanks to the shoddy performance of the former Democrat Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. In this new case, the plaintiffs make the preposterous claim that election officials cannot use inactivity when cleaning voting rolls – something federal law obligates them to do.

Once upon a time civil rights groups like the ACLU were on the side of the law and justice. Now they are on the side of the criminal who seeks to cast an illegal ballot. They might not be representing the criminal in court, but if they are successful in court, the criminal will benefit.

A mess is coming this November in Ohio, despite the best efforts of election officials and legislators. Thanks to federal courts, election process rules are being rewritten to help Democrats win the state and keep the President Obama’s fundamental transformation marching forward.