Exclusive: These Expensive DOJ Offices, Rented With Your Money, Are EMPTY!

PJ Media has obtained video taken inside Justice Department offices which show empty, unused office space within leased commercial space. The offices are intended for at least twenty federal employees according to DOJ sources -- but only TWO are using them.

The Justice Department Community Relations Service offices in Dallas are on the 20th floor of the Harwood Center, a luxury downtown high rise. Justice Department sources provided PJ Media with a video taken inside the Dallas DOJ offices which documents the brazen waste of taxpayer dollars.

The video shows empty offices, boxes stacked on unused desks, jumbo window offices with couches, large conference rooms with television sets running, enormous offices which appear to be unused, stacks of printer boxes, bookshelves filled with VHS tapes, and a kitchen area with seating for four.

The video shows 58 chairs for use by just two employees working in the office.

Here is the video:

The Community Relations Service has been at the center of high-profile, racially charged controversies involving the Justice Department, including the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida.

PJ Media has previously covered other instances of waste, fraud, and abuse infecting the DOJ component at the center of so many racial controversies. In fact, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sent a letter -- obtained by PJ Media -- from DOJ employees in January 2016 which details misconduct and waste by DOJ employees at CRS.

Lynch has taken no action.

Chairs stacked in DOJ Dallas offices Chairs stacked in DOJ Dallas offices