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A Government's Targeting of Conservatives and Pregnant Women

Government targeting of conservatives is not confined to a couple of federal departments, as demonstrated by the events in a small District of Columbia employee relations board. A letter obtained by PJ Media documents open racism and hostility toward pregnant and conservative employees in the D.C. Public Employee Relations Board (PERB). The letter also demonstrates that lawless hostility toward conservatives is a characteristic of all levels of government.

According to a resignation letter from its executive director, this District of Columbia government board responsible for resolving employee disputes with management has engaged in racist hiring practices, discrimination against pregnant women, and hostility toward conservatives.

The behavior described in the resignation letter of former executive director Ondray Harris is another example of the broader hostility toward conservatives found throughout federal agencies such as the IRS, EPA, and Justice Department.

Ondray Harris, an attorney, resigned as executive director of PERB on May 24, 2013. His resignation letter contains accounts of disturbing, racist, and illegal behavior by board members Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman. Among the behavior:

Harris, an African-American, was criticized by board member Don Wasserman for hiring white men to work for PERB. From the letter:

“Mr. Wasserman rebuked me with regard to my hiring white male employees. What is more, Mr. Wasserman demanded that I ‘refrain from hiring white men in the future’ to fill open Attorney-Advisor positions supporting PERB.”

wasserman Don Wasserman

On November 8, 2012, PERB conducted a confidential executive session where hostility toward hiring conservatives was on open display. (See similar behavior at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice as covered extensively in PJ Media’s "Every Single One" series.)

At the confidential executive session, PERB members Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman sought ways to fire Erin Wilcox.

Her transgression? From the letter:

“They objected that Ms. Wilcox, a white female, had a professional employment record which they perceived as being conservative or politically right-of-center. In fact, Ms. Hoffman declared: ‘Someone with a resume like hers doesn’t belong here’ and ‘should never work here.’”

Ann Hoffman Ann Hoffman

In the District of Columbia, it is illegal to refuse to hire employees because of their political affiliation. Everywhere in America, it is illegal to refuse to hire employees because of their race. Wasserman and Hoffman both broke the law, yet they remain on the board and probably think they did nothing wrong.

Wasserman’s campaign against the “right-of-center” employee Wilcox later took a sinister turn when he wanted to fire Wilcox because she was pregnant.

When Harris mentioned to Wasserman that Wilcox would be on maternity leave, Wasserman directed: “good, maybe we can get rid of her that way.”