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Will Republicans Be Duped on Immigration?

Republicans supporting a massive legalization program as part of immigration “reform” must have blinders on.  They must not see the perverted way the Obama administration simply refuses to enforce existing immigration laws -- damning any promised “get tough” enforcement policy included in any immigration deal.

The Republican advocates of immigration reform argue that America should secure the border, legalize at least 11 million illegal immigrants, and vigorously enforce the immigration laws in the future. This goal -- to start over while at the same time preventing future illegal immigration once and for all -- has great appeal.

There’s only one problem -- we have a president with a demonstrated record of ignoring “get tough” immigration laws already on the books.

A short journey thought the Obama administration’s lawless unwillingness to enforce existing “get tough” policies shows how laughable it is for Republicans to put any more faith in future promises to police the border.

The last few years of the Bush administration saw executive-branch lawyers getting tough with those caught illegally in the country.  That’s all stopped. Immigration officers now must turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants except those caught right at a border crossing or those who fit very narrow criteria for enforcement, including terrorists and serious criminals. The definition of “serious” criminals isn’t very broad either.

The Obama administration broadened policies granting Department of Homeland Security agents and attorneys “prosecutorial discretion” not to enforce the immigration laws against illegal immigrants.  When the Obama political appointees realized that career DHS agents and attorneys actually wanted to uphold their oaths to enforce the law, the administration took the “discretion” out of “prosecutorial discretion.”

Now, career DHS agents and attorneys are generally forbidden to enforce the immigration laws except as to shockingly narrow types of illegal aliens such as demonstrably violent criminals.

It is no wonder morale among these DHS employees is among the lowest in the federal government. When hardworking lawyers enter a profession to help the country and enforce the law, having a lawless president tell them not enforce it is demoralizing.

This is a side effect of the radical left’s policy permeation of the Obama administration. Those who respect the Rule of Law must witness firsthand its dismantling by ideological overseers.

The Obama administration also has made clear to these enforcers of the law that it does not even want to know who is in the United States illegally unless the immigrants fit very narrow criteria. See no evil, hear no evil, anger no racial interest groups.

One example is the 287(g) program.  The immigration overseers didn’t want state and local officials telling the feds about most of the illegal immigrants who are in their states and localities. The Justice Department even sued states that notified the Department of Homeland Security of illegal immigrants in their jails under state laws, even though federal law already permitted them to so notify DHS.

Justice Department lawyers in the Civil Division who signed off on these lawless cases should be ashamed of themselves. But sadly, shame is in short supply in Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

The administration wants cover if the state eventually releases an illegal alien who goes forth and commits a crime, or even kills someone, like a nun.


Martinelly Montano pleads guilty to killing nun.


No wonder Chief Justice John Roberts said during the Supreme Court oral argument in the case against Arizona last year: “It seems to me the federal government just doesn't want to know who is here illegally.”